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Sunday, March 05, 2006

there's a reason he's called DOOFUS

DOOFUS: do you know i've been losing weight?

ME: no, you haven't.

DOOFUS: no, ah?

ME: no.

DOOFUS: just lie lah! what's wrong with you...


DOOFUS: i like to wear "brack".

ME: hahahaha! "brack", ah?

DOOFUS: did i say "brack"? i know i made a mistake somewhere..

*he meant to say "black"*


*DOOFUS got me a little gift of 2 necklaces last night, out of the blue.*

ME: aww, thanks sweetie! why'd you choose these?

DOOFUS: dunno. oh, i got the orange one cos maybe i can wear it too.

ME: .......

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