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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

your money has been delayed by the "system"

today, i found out that inter-bank transfers take 3 working days to process.

3. whole. days.

and in banking terms, a "day" ends at 3.30pm. so if you transfer cash from BANK A to BANK B on monday at 4pm, you'll have to wait 4 working days to get your money.

i am NEVER doing an interbank transfer EVER AGAIN.

NEVER, i swear. how infuriating!

they should at least advise people of the extended time frame. i mean, how difficult is it to put a small notice there?!

so much easier than making me panic and run around like a headless chicken and end up calling your customer service center, where i have to wait 10min on hold for me to get an answer.

geeeeeeez, man!


DOOFUS is, in his own words - "very disturbed by the bastard calling you last night."

he's still harping about it now.

silly DOOFUS.

honestly, i didn't like it either. but i ain't gonna let it affect me.

i just wish it wouldn't affect DOOFUS so much. poor thing.

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