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Friday, February 10, 2006

so who's the genius?



a few years ago, while i was doing my part time diploma in business, our marketing project was centered around KELLOGGS.

and we came up with this exact same idea - to make cereal and milk portable in snack packs.

frosfla2 frosfla1

at that time, we were aiming mainly at children - especially those whose parents would be too busy to pack food for them - or for busy people on the go.

i know i'm just deluding myself, seeing as how KELLOGGS probably had this same idea way before we did and has been spending the past few years testing it.

but i still really couldn't help but go "HEY! THATS MY IDEA!!".

i mean, who knows? maybe we really came up with it first, and the same idea struck KELLOGGS later on.. which makes us the pioneers, the inventors, the innovators..


maybe we should have patented the idea when we had the chance. damn.

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