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Friday, February 24, 2006

i am a closet idol-worshipper

i'm sorry. i just had to do this. geeky or not. i don't care.


my favourites in AMERICAN IDOL this season:

taylor hicks


don't ask me why. he's so weird and goofy that its cute. besides, he's a pretty good singer. typical lovable underdog that everyone secretly roots for. awwwww.

ace young


my favourite contestant as of now, if only because he sang george michael's "father figure", which i absolutely totally completely adore to death. plus, he's a looker, isn't he? *swoon* oh, yeah, not a bad singer too. heh.

chris daughtry


i love his voice. i love his look. i love his attitude. i love his charisma. i love everything! my favourite contestant, before ace young blew me away last night. heh.

katharine mcphee


i like. thats that. no need to explain. :p

lisa tucker


16 year old powerhouse, with a super sweet personality to boot. i wish i had her smile.



if you saw her performance last night, and you don't think she's good, then YOU ARE BLIND & DEAF & STUPID. hmph.


ok. now that i've got that outta my system, normalcy shall resume. heh.

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