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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

what the hell is "normal" anyway?

yesterday, me and DOOFUS went out and attempted the "normal life" thing. well, as much of a "normal life" as possible, given the circumstances.

it was kinda weird. but nice. to do "normal" stuff.

its really hard to have a "normal" life - a "normal" relationship - when we both have a million commitments.

especially, WORK. working 12, 14 hours a day, 6 (and sometimes 7) days a week doesn't leave much time for anything else. add to that family commitments, social commitments, blahblah, etcetc..

you can see how we're lucky if we get to see each other weekly. and even then its only for a few hours, if we're fortunate.

we hardly get the opportunity to go out, and do the things that a lot of couples take for granted.

like - watching movies, and having lunch/dinner, and drinking coffee. or shopping together. or just walking around, spending time together, talking..

but. we're trying. as best we can.

hey. our relationship's not perfect. no one's is. but in a lot of ways, what we have is good. sometimes. most of the time. yeah.

so anyhow.

we ended up at plaza singapura. walking around. looking at stuff. being together.

and then we grabbed dinner at pastamania. where DOOFUS has, amazingly, never eaten ever before. shocking, huh?

so we sat down, and decided what we wanted, and then.. DOOFUS calls to the server guy : "can we order now?" and i had to tell him that we had to go to the counter and order.

"OH! okay.. i feel so suaku!"

so much like his namesake, i tell you. heh.

we managed to make it through dinner without any major mishaps, though.

it felt really good to be able to just sit down and eat a meal together and talk about random stuff. kinda weird, since we're both not really used to it, but so nice.

scrapped plans for drinks with his cousin, canned the movie idea, and just headed back to laze around watching dvds and snacking on mac d's.

santa's slay SUCKED. i'm traumatised. i choose to believe santa claus is real. he lives in finland. he has the whole workshop and whatnot. he has reindeer, but not necessarily magical flying ones. and no, he doesn't fly around, sliding down chimneys, delivering presents. but he EXISTS. he's real. he's there. and he's GOOD. not evil. dammit.

DOOFUS thinks i'm crazy to believe that. he found the movie kinda cool. pfft. what do men know? pfft.

the longest yard was pretty funny. but it sucks that caretaker kicks the bucket. tragedy in a comedy. not good.

cinderella man was suprisingly good. for a boxing movie. i don't like boxing. maybe its because DOOFUS made me watch that will smith movie, ali, so many times. overkill, i tell ya. but cinderella man had a pretty alright storyline. DOOFUS just loved the boxing bits. men. pfft.


so that was our attempt at a "normal" life.

and now, its back to our erratic schedules and 12 hour workdays. at least till the next time we both get time off that coincides.

oh, i came across this quote that i'd just like to share with my dear ones. especially those going through difficult times :

"human love is an infinite resource. no matter how many times its expended, whether stolen or given away, love can grow again - like a flower from a bulb - and fill your heart."

remember that, ok?

i know, from experience, that there is truth in that quote.

keep your chin up, be strong, and have faith.

at least, try. :)

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