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Sunday, January 01, 2006

hello 2006!

DOOFUS has had to go for a last minute business trip to KL. on new year's day. with less than a few hour's notice.

this really sucks major ass, lah.

i don't like. not at all.


party at shilt & jenn's last night was cool. lots of alcohol. lots of noise. lots of screaming. lots of shouting. lots of dirty-minded sexual innuendos. lots of drunken peoples.

and the police came to bust up the party. TWICE.

er.. oops..

looks like we were a leeeetle beeet too noisy.


but it was still good. yeah.

photos are being uploaded. proof of all the debauchery and whatnot that we indulge in under the influence of ze sacred liquid (aka alcohol). heh.

just for the record, no i was NOT mabuks outta my skull.

in fact, this entire holiday season, i have been an absurdly good girl.

alcohol makes me do really stupid things.

thus, is very good idea to refrain, especially in the company of my friends, who i am positive will never let me forget about the stupid ass things i do.

makes so much sense. mm-hmm.

i'm hungry.


lets all hope the year 2006 is way, way better than 2005 (doesn't matter if you had a good year or a sucky year. it works either way.)

cheers, darlings!

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