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Sunday, January 15, 2006

bodyart & a hot guy

ladies and gents, meet my new tattoo:


which makes #3 on the bodyart front, joinin the family on friday the 13th.

this one hurt. more than the biohazard on my lower back. or maybe it was just the lack of alcohol to numb my senses. i dunno. this is the first tat i've gotten that i've been completely alcohol-free. hmm.

strange, though.

you would think, that with the amount of fats around my belly to cushion the needle, it wouldn't have hurt that much.

ah well. pain or not, its done, i've survived. without any screaming or crying or fainting. just a few jibes from my dear friends about my jiggly tummy. yeahyeahyeah. i'm fat. so what. a woman needs a bit of meat on her, aight? bah.

DOOFUS cannot, for the life of him, understand why anyone would want to put themselves through such suffering and pain just to get a tattoo.

i don't claim to understand it, either. but if you took away my tattoos, i'd feel weird. naked. i wouldn't be me.

me and DOOFUS have more or less settled on the location of tattoo #4. (after much haggling and negotiation. meh.) no, its not gonna be on my butt. although it IS rather close to that general area.

i already know what i want for #4. just need to make final decisions on the eventual words, once DOOFUS gets the list for me.

i'm such a sucker for pain, man.



i don't care WHAT anyone else says, but DAMN! ricky martin is HOTHOTHOTHOTHOT!

i just saw him on oprah (yeah. i occasionally watch oprah. oh, shut up.) and he looks alot better now, than he did years ago.

come on - how can anyone not love that face? i liiike..

so rugged, so "bad boy" now - what with the unshaven-ness and all.

and those eyes, those EYES! my god!

oh, and let's not forget his wonderful sex-ay moves. face it. men who can dance are hot. men who can rotate their hips THAT gorgeously are beyond hot.

yes. it takes sooo little to make me go absolutely, insanely, crazily GOOGOOGAGA.

but y'know what?

I don't care
I just wanna be yours
I know I told you I'd never love you the way that I did again after all that you did to me
But I got to say

I don't care
I just wanna be yours
And I tried everything in my power to never ever say "please come back to me"
But I got to say

but shhh.. don't tell my boyfriend. ;)


p/s : why is food so bloody expensive nowadays?!

DOOFUS and i ate bak kut teh on friday, and the bill came up to $20 - $10 per person.


at this rate, i'm gonna seriously need to start dieting. not out of fear of putting on weight, but out of fear that MONEY NO ENOUGH TO BUY FOOD.

rubbish, lah.


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