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Friday, December 23, 2005

santa claus is coming to town


i've settled all my christmas presents.

i am so damn tired.

i have been running around town looking for gifts numerous times in the past week or so.

i have been up late every night doing christmas stuff.


but the worst part is yet to come.


i have one day left to wrap all my presents. ONE measly day.

good lord.

i was up till almost 5am, working on christmas stuff.

now i am in the office and freaking stoned outta my mind.

tonight is sue-lynn's birthday celebs at crazy elephant.

i need to rush home after work and rush out again.

i have a feeling i'm gonna fall asleep and maybe drown myself in the river due to sheer exhaustion.

tomorrow is christmas eve.

i need to run some errands in the afternoon.

i need to wrap 3 bagfuls of presents.

i need to make myself look pretty for midnight mass.

i need to change my toenail color. (green? red? red and green? red with white dots? gargh!)

i need to decide what to wear!

after midnight mass, its gonna be a mad rush.

back home to pick up the presents.

bran and scott's place. (please feed me! i have no supper at home this year, due to the fact that my sister's church friends are taking over the house.)

wayne's place. (mmm. booze. mmm.)

sunday is "eat food until grow fat" day.

lunch at my grandma's.

dinner at jon's.

second dinner at roy's?

i'm gonna become a WHALE. but food is goooooood.

monday should be spent resting and recuperating in preparation for yucky back-to-work on tuesday.

but i don't think it'll be peaceful.

boxing day lunch at richie's?

drinks with random many peoples?



i shall now adjourn to the toilet to sit on the toilet bowl and attempt to catch a few zzzzz's. (yes i know it sounds disgusting. but the toilets in my office building are really pretty clean.)

starting from tonight, CHAOS REIGNS, man. w00t!

its CHRISTMAS, bitches! yay!


i have a ton of photos and random stuff to blog about, but i've really been so bloody busy the past few weeks that i haven't had the time.

soon, SOON.

so pleeeeease, stop harassing me about pictures!



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