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Friday, December 30, 2005

presents rock my ding-dongs

wow. good haul this year, on the presents front. yay! i is happy!

me birthday and christmas pressies!
(so i don't forget what everyone got me next year. meh.)


DOOFUS gave me these doggies, sorta for my birthday. guess which one's my favourite? hint: its the black one. heh.

and they all have names, ok! see if you can figure out which ones DOOFUS named, and which ones are mine..





IMG_4508 IMG_4506

Perlini's Silver Bracelet - Shilton & Jenn
Pink Top & Body Shop Strawberry Bath Gel/Body Lotion - Sue-Lynn

IMG_4500 IMG_4503

Hokey Pokey Elmo! (my personal "vibrator". heh.) - Suhaila
"Not Married Not Bothered" Book - Auntie Emy

IMG_4502 IMG_4501

pretty pretty SHOES! - Wayne

IMG_4497 IMG_4523

Thongs (isn't the elephant one damn cute?! i don't care. it is.) - Brandon
Beano Comic & MONEY - Mum & Dad

IMG_4527 IMG_4517

Chappelle's Show DVD - Daniel
Black Chinoisiere "chinese print" Clutch Bag - Samantha

IMG_4520 IMG_4514
Green Top - Auntie Emy
Cats Mug - Val

IMG_4495 IMG_4529

Hot Pink HAVAIANAS! - Jon & Ro
Shoes - Scott

IMG_4537 IMG_4538

Hand Painted T & Earrings - Steph

IMG_4541 IMG_4531
Bonds Thongs & "blingbling" Keychain - Sue-Lynn
Spa Set - Haresh & Jay

IMG_4512 IMG_4510

"Memoirs Of A Geisha" Book - Suhaila
Body Shop Oceanus Bath Gel/Body Lotion - Dawn

IMG_4504 IMG_4525

Sandals - Wayne
Body Shop Papaya Body Scrub - Uncle Vern & Auntie Joyce


  • my sister made me a huge bowl of mashed potatoes for my birthday
  • my mum & dad both gave me money for my birthday
  • jon bought me a glass of bailey's at crazy e, as a belated birthday pressie

umm.. yeah.. i think thats it.

weeeeee! presents.. weeeeee! i liiiiiiiike!

i love all my pressies! thanks again, everyone!

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