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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

i is "no need to pay" event organiser

man, tryin to find a place for my brother's 21st birthday is a real bitch and a half.

not enough time! not enough options! so many requirements!

soooo terok, lah, i tell you!

1) must be in orchard/town area
2) must have "private" area (don't wanna mingle with ze "public")
3) must be nice place
4) must have dinner and DRINKS (preferably buffet)
5) must be FREE ON 16th DECEMBER, FRIDAY

i tell you something..


hard rock - fully booked
brewerkz - fully booked
paulaner brauhaus - fully booked

dan ryan's - no buffet, no private area
tony roma's - no buffet, got private room


my brother is carnivorous, western style - so all those chinese/thai/asian/oriental/etc places all cannot.

my brother specifically requested "as long as in town area" - so all those places in novena/holland v/sentosa/changi/ulu baba kampung area/etc all cannot.

my brother wants to have it on a friday, his actual day - so all those popular places all cannot (because they bloody hell all fully booked : "so sorry, december all our weekends are full.. corporate event and party season lah.."


i think we're just gonna go with the tony roma's option.

good food.
got alcohol.
private room (no need booking fee somemore!)
in orchard.

that's the best that i can do, in such extremely short notice.

brother's gonna check with his friends and let me know ASAP, so i can confirm the damn thing.

i am crossing my fingers, toes, eyes, balls breasts - that his friends will all say "AYE!".

if not i bloody hell gotta go do more research and make a thousand and one more phone calls in search of a new venue.


p/s: no, i'm not "complaining". i don't mind doing this for my brother. really. i'm just merely making a few statements. that is all.


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