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Friday, December 02, 2005


hoo boy!

its been a busy week, man.

last friday, my birthday celebration at o bar.
last saturday, len's birthday chalet at changi.
sunday & monday, birthday celebs & much needed rest.
tuesday, shopping with my mum.
wednesday, catching up on work.
thursday, hospital to visit su.
today, catching up on work.


i need more TIME! christmas is 3 weeks away and i haven't finished all that's needed to be done! panic mode is creeping in. eep!


i need to upload photos from my birthday (yes, i know you guys are waiting. sorrysorry. busy laaah. heh.) i need to blog about my birthday, before i forget.

but i'm so L-A-Z-Y. i'll do it tomorrow. or sunday. or.. something.

i am such a procrastinator. sheesh!

today - random sh-mandom day!

Yahoo! Avatars

check out my avatar from yahoo! does it look like me?! i think so lah. oh, excuse the penguins. i couldn't help it. i have a THING for penguins. they sho cuuuute!

tuesday, me and me mum went for the shiseido sale. good lord! hordes and hordes of women! pushing and shoving and grabbing.. *shudder*

got myself some good stuff - mainly make up - and blew $260 between me and my mum.

bestest buy :

IMG_3912 03933325701

3 little 3ml bottles of cle de peau beaute "la creme" for 30 smuckeroos.

expensive?! NOT AT ALL, my dear ones. you see the big bottle? its 30ml and it retails for $800+ in stores. i checked on the internet, and it was retailing for $450 US smuckeroos, dudes!

which means - 3ml is worth around $80 - and i got 9ml for $30. woohoo!

yes, i know, i'm such a schmuck for crap like this. I IS CHEAPO! heh.

this was the same night that my mum made BEEEEEG BOO-BOO.

it was raining pretty heavily when we got back, and my mum somehow - in her haste to get her umbrella outta her bag and all - stupidly left her bag in the cab.

silly woman was panicking and all. thank god for her supergirl daughter (me lah, of course!) that quickly got things under control. which resulted in scatterbrained mum getting her precious bag back.



and the best thing about this episode - my mum now has to give us all one immunity each, the next time any of us lose anything.

which means no nagging no scolding no black face no nothing! yay!

yes, i wrangled the immunities while she was still on a happy high from getting her bag back.

i is evil daughter. heh.

ooooh! brother's back from camp and parents have arrived bearing food for hungry child (me!) i am off to stuff my fat face now.


p/s: oh. guess who called me on tuesday - FBB(ex)B shaun. supposedly to wish me happy birthday (yeah. 2 days late. pfft.) and blah blah blah. pfft.

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