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Friday, December 30, 2005

presents rock my ding-dongs

wow. good haul this year, on the presents front. yay! i is happy!

me birthday and christmas pressies!
(so i don't forget what everyone got me next year. meh.)


DOOFUS gave me these doggies, sorta for my birthday. guess which one's my favourite? hint: its the black one. heh.

and they all have names, ok! see if you can figure out which ones DOOFUS named, and which ones are mine..





IMG_4508 IMG_4506

Perlini's Silver Bracelet - Shilton & Jenn
Pink Top & Body Shop Strawberry Bath Gel/Body Lotion - Sue-Lynn

IMG_4500 IMG_4503

Hokey Pokey Elmo! (my personal "vibrator". heh.) - Suhaila
"Not Married Not Bothered" Book - Auntie Emy

IMG_4502 IMG_4501

pretty pretty SHOES! - Wayne

IMG_4497 IMG_4523

Thongs (isn't the elephant one damn cute?! i don't care. it is.) - Brandon
Beano Comic & MONEY - Mum & Dad

IMG_4527 IMG_4517

Chappelle's Show DVD - Daniel
Black Chinoisiere "chinese print" Clutch Bag - Samantha

IMG_4520 IMG_4514
Green Top - Auntie Emy
Cats Mug - Val

IMG_4495 IMG_4529

Hot Pink HAVAIANAS! - Jon & Ro
Shoes - Scott

IMG_4537 IMG_4538

Hand Painted T & Earrings - Steph

IMG_4541 IMG_4531
Bonds Thongs & "blingbling" Keychain - Sue-Lynn
Spa Set - Haresh & Jay

IMG_4512 IMG_4510

"Memoirs Of A Geisha" Book - Suhaila
Body Shop Oceanus Bath Gel/Body Lotion - Dawn

IMG_4504 IMG_4525

Sandals - Wayne
Body Shop Papaya Body Scrub - Uncle Vern & Auntie Joyce


  • my sister made me a huge bowl of mashed potatoes for my birthday
  • my mum & dad both gave me money for my birthday
  • jon bought me a glass of bailey's at crazy e, as a belated birthday pressie

umm.. yeah.. i think thats it.

weeeeee! presents.. weeeeee! i liiiiiiiike!

i love all my pressies! thanks again, everyone!

Monday, December 26, 2005

merry christmas

for the longest time, christmas has been a season of bittersweet feelings for me. happiness. sadness. excitement. disappointment. thankfulness. anger.

this year, its no different.

i don't know why i even bothered to expect and hope that it would be different.

this year, i told myself. this year will be different. this year i have nothing to be upset about. i have a bunch of lovely friends that i adore. i have a boyfriend. i have my family. i have a shitload of awesome presents.

oh, how bloody wrong i was.

i can't remember the last time i cried during christmas. i always make the effort to be happy, even if its just cos christmas is supposed to be joyous and all.

i ended up more disappointed that i can remember being in a long long time.

its more than just being angry at a person. its more than just pettiness. its more than all that.

its about having your heart broken. and on the day thats supposedly one of the happiest in the year.

its about losing faith in something that you once held so important, so precious, so cherished, so loved.

its about sadness, and anger, and tears, and apologies that don't mean jackshit.

what's done is done. no one can turn the clock back and make things right again. and that's that.

so yeah.

i guess you could say my christmas pretty much sucked major ass, once again.

i hope you enjoyed yours.

merry christmas.

just one last question.

which do you think is better?

to be in a relationship, but constantly feeling like you're not in one,


to not be in a relationship at all?

i need to think. i need to sleep. i need to be alone. for awhile.


to my dearest boys and my lovely girls:

i hope all of you liked your presents. and i hope everyone had a good time these past few days.

i know for alot of you, this christmas is bittersweet as well. all i can say is, that i love you guys a huge load and i know its doesn't really help, but its as much as i can give.

thank you all for the wonderful presents. i love them all.

thank you for the laughs, for the food, for the friendships, for the love, for the insanity, for the comfortable silences, and most of all, for letting me be me when i'm with you guys.

merry christmas, once again.

much love and hugs,

Friday, December 23, 2005

santa claus is coming to town


i've settled all my christmas presents.

i am so damn tired.

i have been running around town looking for gifts numerous times in the past week or so.

i have been up late every night doing christmas stuff.


but the worst part is yet to come.


i have one day left to wrap all my presents. ONE measly day.

good lord.

i was up till almost 5am, working on christmas stuff.

now i am in the office and freaking stoned outta my mind.

tonight is sue-lynn's birthday celebs at crazy elephant.

i need to rush home after work and rush out again.

i have a feeling i'm gonna fall asleep and maybe drown myself in the river due to sheer exhaustion.

tomorrow is christmas eve.

i need to run some errands in the afternoon.

i need to wrap 3 bagfuls of presents.

i need to make myself look pretty for midnight mass.

i need to change my toenail color. (green? red? red and green? red with white dots? gargh!)

i need to decide what to wear!

after midnight mass, its gonna be a mad rush.

back home to pick up the presents.

bran and scott's place. (please feed me! i have no supper at home this year, due to the fact that my sister's church friends are taking over the house.)

wayne's place. (mmm. booze. mmm.)

sunday is "eat food until grow fat" day.

lunch at my grandma's.

dinner at jon's.

second dinner at roy's?

i'm gonna become a WHALE. but food is goooooood.

monday should be spent resting and recuperating in preparation for yucky back-to-work on tuesday.

but i don't think it'll be peaceful.

boxing day lunch at richie's?

drinks with random many peoples?



i shall now adjourn to the toilet to sit on the toilet bowl and attempt to catch a few zzzzz's. (yes i know it sounds disgusting. but the toilets in my office building are really pretty clean.)

starting from tonight, CHAOS REIGNS, man. w00t!

its CHRISTMAS, bitches! yay!


i have a ton of photos and random stuff to blog about, but i've really been so bloody busy the past few weeks that i haven't had the time.

soon, SOON.

so pleeeeease, stop harassing me about pictures!



Friday, December 09, 2005

we're all going on a summer winter holiday

i will be in hong kong this weekend, with the brother and the parentals.

it is winter in hong kong now.

Mostly Cloudy
High: 22° Low: 18°

AM Clouds PM Sun
High: 23° Low: 16°

Partly Cloudy
High: 23° Low: 15°

High: 22° Low: 13°


i'm gonna freeze my bloody arse off.

there better be shopping to be done and it better not be bloody winter clothes everywhere if not imma gonna throttle someone.


hong kong here i come.

um.. yay?

Thursday, December 08, 2005

birthday update

ok, this is waaay long overdue. i is champion procrastinator! heh.

O BAR - 25 November 05

IMG_3859 IMG_3860
don't ask. you don't want to know.

IMG_3801 IMG_3878
haresh reads minds part time. jon and bran dream of being hong kong triad members (refer to "gu wa zhai").

IMG_3881 IMG_3898
wayne is not gay, just "metrosexual" *cough*. the amazing "4 head, 3 body, 5 hand" monster.

IMG_3818 IMG_3823 IMG_3828
er.. kissy-poo?!

most r/a moment of the night :

getting 3 lap dances from jon - 1 time his, er, crotch was barely inches from my face. dude! wah lau..

and then jon turning around to find DOOFUS standing right behind him. hahaha!

most embarrasing moment of the night :

crying over my birthday cake while my lovelies sang me my birthday song (screamed my birthday song, more like. heh.)

darling DOOFUS ran out of the club halfway and went all the way to swensen's in orchard to get me a cake at the last minute.

and there i was wondering where the hell he'd gone to.

IMG_3887 IMG_3888

most stupidest moment of the night :

its either ordering and eating macdonalds outside o bar, or trying to cut the frozen ice cream cake with a plastic knife.

the entire cake lifted off the tray when i tried to take the knife out. doh!

most irritating moment of the night :

realising at the end of the night that i was freaking straight assed sober - after downing 4 sambuccas, at least 5 tequila shots, and at least 1 jug of vodka cranberry.

i completely skipped the getting high/drunk part and went straight to having a hangover.


and the most bestest part of the whole night?

having my friends and DOOFUS around me.

IMG_3770 IMG_3773 IMG_3779 IMG_3780 IMG_3784 IMG_3798 IMG_3799 IMG_3901 IMG_3902 IMG_3908 IMG_3909 IMG_3905 IMG_3814

a girl couldn't have asked for more!




Wednesday, December 07, 2005

i is "no need to pay" event organiser

man, tryin to find a place for my brother's 21st birthday is a real bitch and a half.

not enough time! not enough options! so many requirements!

soooo terok, lah, i tell you!

1) must be in orchard/town area
2) must have "private" area (don't wanna mingle with ze "public")
3) must be nice place
4) must have dinner and DRINKS (preferably buffet)
5) must be FREE ON 16th DECEMBER, FRIDAY

i tell you something..


hard rock - fully booked
brewerkz - fully booked
paulaner brauhaus - fully booked

dan ryan's - no buffet, no private area
tony roma's - no buffet, got private room


my brother is carnivorous, western style - so all those chinese/thai/asian/oriental/etc places all cannot.

my brother specifically requested "as long as in town area" - so all those places in novena/holland v/sentosa/changi/ulu baba kampung area/etc all cannot.

my brother wants to have it on a friday, his actual day - so all those popular places all cannot (because they bloody hell all fully booked : "so sorry, december all our weekends are full.. corporate event and party season lah.."


i think we're just gonna go with the tony roma's option.

good food.
got alcohol.
private room (no need booking fee somemore!)
in orchard.

that's the best that i can do, in such extremely short notice.

brother's gonna check with his friends and let me know ASAP, so i can confirm the damn thing.

i am crossing my fingers, toes, eyes, balls breasts - that his friends will all say "AYE!".

if not i bloody hell gotta go do more research and make a thousand and one more phone calls in search of a new venue.


p/s: no, i'm not "complaining". i don't mind doing this for my brother. really. i'm just merely making a few statements. that is all.


Friday, December 02, 2005


hoo boy!

its been a busy week, man.

last friday, my birthday celebration at o bar.
last saturday, len's birthday chalet at changi.
sunday & monday, birthday celebs & much needed rest.
tuesday, shopping with my mum.
wednesday, catching up on work.
thursday, hospital to visit su.
today, catching up on work.


i need more TIME! christmas is 3 weeks away and i haven't finished all that's needed to be done! panic mode is creeping in. eep!


i need to upload photos from my birthday (yes, i know you guys are waiting. sorrysorry. busy laaah. heh.) i need to blog about my birthday, before i forget.

but i'm so L-A-Z-Y. i'll do it tomorrow. or sunday. or.. something.

i am such a procrastinator. sheesh!

today - random sh-mandom day!

Yahoo! Avatars

check out my avatar from yahoo! does it look like me?! i think so lah. oh, excuse the penguins. i couldn't help it. i have a THING for penguins. they sho cuuuute!

tuesday, me and me mum went for the shiseido sale. good lord! hordes and hordes of women! pushing and shoving and grabbing.. *shudder*

got myself some good stuff - mainly make up - and blew $260 between me and my mum.

bestest buy :

IMG_3912 03933325701

3 little 3ml bottles of cle de peau beaute "la creme" for 30 smuckeroos.

expensive?! NOT AT ALL, my dear ones. you see the big bottle? its 30ml and it retails for $800+ in stores. i checked on the internet, and it was retailing for $450 US smuckeroos, dudes!

which means - 3ml is worth around $80 - and i got 9ml for $30. woohoo!

yes, i know, i'm such a schmuck for crap like this. I IS CHEAPO! heh.

this was the same night that my mum made BEEEEEG BOO-BOO.

it was raining pretty heavily when we got back, and my mum somehow - in her haste to get her umbrella outta her bag and all - stupidly left her bag in the cab.

silly woman was panicking and all. thank god for her supergirl daughter (me lah, of course!) that quickly got things under control. which resulted in scatterbrained mum getting her precious bag back.



and the best thing about this episode - my mum now has to give us all one immunity each, the next time any of us lose anything.

which means no nagging no scolding no black face no nothing! yay!

yes, i wrangled the immunities while she was still on a happy high from getting her bag back.

i is evil daughter. heh.

ooooh! brother's back from camp and parents have arrived bearing food for hungry child (me!) i am off to stuff my fat face now.


p/s: oh. guess who called me on tuesday - FBB(ex)B shaun. supposedly to wish me happy birthday (yeah. 2 days late. pfft.) and blah blah blah. pfft.

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