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Monday, November 21, 2005

i've been a naughty naughty girl

oooh. i've been a baaaad girlie!

supposed to spend the weekend working, but i decided to screw it all and play truant. heh.

hey. working 14 hour days for the past few weeks SUCKS MAJOR ASS. ok? so excuse me for feeling like i needed a break before i poked my own eyes out with my trusty plastic fork.

however, sadly, i don't think my mother feels the same way. bah. slave driver. bah.

anyhow. i had a lovely weekend!

friday night, i met jon in gardens for some good ol' teh bing, thosai, and catching up. i love talking to my boys. never fails to put me in a cheery, warm-and-fuzzy, comfortable frame of mind.

saturday afternoon, i dragged my huge fat bum out the door at 1 freaking pm in the afternoon (ack! sun! my skin! it burns! nooooo!) to meet wayne, shilton, jen, vic and ty in town. popped by the bead shop to get supplies and had kick ass super filling chicken breast and mashed potatoes at marche. *yumslurpdrool*

shopping and walking around and shopping and walking around..

oh, and the iced mango tango from coffee club seriously rocks my socks. can't say much for the butterscotch banana cheesecake though. (mm.. ba-na-na! haha.)

by the time it hit 7pm, me and wayne were literally DEAD ON OUR FREAKING FEET.

excruciating pain in feet!! i had blisters on my little toes, big toes, heels, ankles.. everywhere!

went home and completely knocked out.

shopping is strenuous exercise, balls. and i ain't got no more stamina cos i am an OLD FREAKING LADY already.



i went completely bonkers in the paragon toy department. NEVER let me loose in the toy department. i will either embarrass you, or embarrass myself, or do unspeakable non-child-friendly things to the toys. *snigger*

i want the robot dinosaur!
i want the hokey pokey cookie monster!
i want the furby!
i want i want i want I WANT!!

but don't buy me the harry potter pet monster thingie, ok? i got scared when it suddenly moved and dropped the bloody thing.

i is wuss. meh.

sunday, me and DOOFUS went all the way to the freaking OMNITHEATRE (jurong! goddammit! jurong! must bring passport!) to watch HARRY POTTER.

the movie was a bloody crockful of bleeding crappy shitty RUBBISH.

NOTHING like the book. i got so pissed off i wanted to walk out. i hate it when screen adaptations veer off the book storyline. its damn irritating. and i get very agitated.

and paying $15 per person just to make yourself dizzy watching the bloody wide screen is crap shite.

its so damn hard to focus! half the time, all you see is some blurry figures on the screen. the other half time, you're turning your head left and right to take in the whole scene.

AND! we had to queue up for ONE AND A HALF HOURS. because the omni theatre is FREE SEATING.

bloody hell! i pay $15 and buy tickets almost 4 hours in advance and you still expect me to fight with people for good seats?!


ah well. at least it was an "experience".

see, both me and DOOFUS knew the movie was gonna suck ass, so we decided we might as well make something of a different experience of it. hence the omnitheatre.

bah. rubbish.

on a side note, DOOFUS made me go on the motion simulator thing with him. $4 for 4 min. and it wasn't even THAT good. just made my ass hurt from all the bumping around. hmph.

now, back to the office. back to 14 hour work days. back to slavery.

until this weekend.



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