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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

good news has never sounded this good

i am a very happy girlie today.

the past 2 weeks have been a terrible roller coaster ride of emotions and uncertainty.

fear, hatred, anger, confusion, sadness - and even a few moments of suprising warmth, love, happiness and gratitude for good measure.

thank god (literally. i'm going to church this weekend!) for small miracles.

from feeling like my entire world was crashing down around me, to feeling like i can take on the world (and win!).

and from now on, i'm REALLY gonna start taking care of my health. i promise.

and a huge THANK YOU to those that know and have been there for me (er, all... three? of you.)

listening to me rant and rave and literally fall apart before your eyes is definitely NOT fun, but you still stuck around.

spanxalots, mans.

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