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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

you know something?

i need a new mp3 player.

1GB is just not enough anymore.



yes, i am greedy. big freaking deal. so's everyone else and their pet dog.

so many songs, so little bloody goddamned space.

i would swipe my sister's IPOD MINI, but then i don't like apple. especially seeing as how my sister's IPOD MINI went koyak after less than 2 weeks of use and had to be sent for repairs.

i refuse to succumb to the apples!

support home grown technology, that's what i'll do.

yes. i am a patriotic citizen! who loves her country! who supports local!


you can stop laughing now.

but i really really do need desperately want a new mp3 player with more space. preferably creative. if possible, the zen neeon.

my birthday's next month.

christmas is in 2 months.


no, of course i'm not hinting at anything. just making a simple matter-of-fact statement.


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