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Friday, October 21, 2005

good grief

i seriously think my mother is taking this "overprotective paranoid blahblah" parental thing a bit too far.

y'see, my younger brother just entered national service this month, and is currently serving out his prison sentence bmt in pulau tekong.

today, was supposed to be his very first book out from camp, which was supposed to be at 7.30pm. so after allowing for time taken for him to eat dinner with his mates, he should have been home by now.

so, the story goes that i popped out to the doctor for half an hour, and when i come home, my mother is wailing and complaining and moaning that "your brother cannot come out!! someone stole something! theft! cannot come out!"

good lord.

i thought the entire ceiling of our flat had caved in or something.

"ok. so he got confined. that's natural. no big deal what." was what i said.

BIG mistake.

"what no big deal!!! i called his OC or CO or whatever, and he said he will let them out by 10pm latest. he's arranging transport now."


1) so he's still coming out, right? just a bit later than supposed only, what..

2) i always thought it was a common occurence in national service to get confined or kena guard duty or something as a form of punishment or duty blahblah. screw up in training, bye bye weekend book out! i don't see what's the big fuss.

3) she called his CO?! wtf?!

imagine the conversation : "mr. so and so, you better let my son come home NOW! i don't care about national service or rules or whatever! let him out NOW!"

good grief.

i just hope the CO doesn't go spread the news that my mother called and demand that my brother be allowed home. i know boys, and boys can be cruel when it comes to things like that. all that "mommy's boy" crap and shite. i hope my brother doesn;t end up getting bullied cos of this. (we all know its entirely possible, especially when it comes to boys and their macho egos. pfft.)

4) my brother was honestly quite happy about going to the army. he didn;t kick up a big fuss (well, at least he didn't moan about it to his family.) and he even wants to be an officer and a pilot and sign on and all that.

5) my brother is going to be freaking 21 in december. he's an ADULT. not a bloody 3 year old in nursery.


my mother is being exasperating.

i can understand her anxiousness and all, but she's being a tad too melodramatic lah. madness.

come on lah. my brother isn't even a mama's boy to begin with. he's independent. he knows what he's doing (i hope!) he knows how to take care of himself. besides, he's got friends in tekong already.

he even stays out later than me!!

i just don't understand the BIIIIIIIIG fuss.

pfft. mothers. pfft.

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