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Monday, September 12, 2005

out of order eyes

my mother is convinced that my headaches are a result of my eyes. she claims my eyesight is deteriorating from too much straining and reading in bad not-bright-enough light.

and she is insisting on dragging me to an eye doctor to get my eyes checked.

which means i may have to get specs. or contacts.


i tried telling her that i have perfect eyesight (which even i don't believe. my eyesight, like almost everything else on my body, is wonky.) but she isn't falling for it.

then i tried to tell her that i can't wear specs, cos having something sitting on the bridge of my nose for too long gives me a headache too. (weird? not really. i get headaches from wearing hairbands too.) but she insists thats rubbish.

then i told her that i can't wear contacts either cos my eyes get really dry and sensitive and they water easily (which is the absolute truth.) but she's not listening.


i look like a dork in glasses. and i will slap you if you even so much as bring up any kinky teacher/librarian/whatever porno references.

i'm gonna chain myself to my steel-framed huge-ass double decker bed so she can't drag my ass to no freaking eye doctor.


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