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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

i'm just a teenage dirtbag, baaaybeee!


today i went to buy cigarettes.


they checked my ic.


i am so amused.

i actually burst out laughing in the store, right in front of the lady's face, when she asked me for my ic.

and she had this really suspicious look on her face when she peered at me - the way a policeman would survey a convict. up and down, up and down. frown, frown, frown.

to give her credit, she was just doing her job. and i salute her for not looking shocked when she looked at my ic, and realised that i was TWENTY FREAKING FIVE years old, instead of some young 16 or 17 year old punk.


oh yes. i am so verily terribly hugely amused.

oh wow.

i look young!




in other news.

thanks to those that have been concerned over the past weeks.

yes, i've been goin through a particularly rough patch, but i'm pulling through. i think.

i guess there will always be rough patches in life. and i will always be falling flat on my face in the stinking mud (seeing as how i am such a klutz.)

but i'll just have to continue dragging myself out and onwards.

at the end of that pain in the freaking arse shitty mud filled rough patched road, is an air conditioned haven of never ending booze, cigarettes, good food, money, and love.

and by god, i am getting there, one way or other! even if i have to crawl in the doors hanging on by a silk thread of life. dammit.

i'll be ok. i always am.

thanks again for all the concern, guys. :)

for now, though, i'm battling a fever. which may be dengue. bummer.



oh, yes..

SID - i'll do the meme soon. fever's fried my brain cells and i need to generate new ones. brain no work so good right now. heh. ;)

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