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Sunday, September 04, 2005

ha! i just couldn't help bursting out in laughter when i first saw this comic. this is such a typical scenario when it comes to DOOFUS and me.

men. pfft. women. pfft. humans. pfft.

i am going cross eyed and i have a bitch of a headache.

spending my entire weekend working is worse than having all the hair on my body tweezed out, strand by strand. excruciatingly painful. ugh.

spending an average of 12 hours a day in front of a computer screen, squinting at miniature words from directories, and pounding data into an excel file is NOT BLOODY GODDAMNED FREAKING FUN. not at all.

i hate. oh, how i hate.

miserable existence. utterly depressing.

to make matters worse, TWO different groups of my friends went out to O BAR for their requisite dose of weekly (daily, for some.) debauchery and alcohol-watering and nicotine-fumigation.

what kind of rubbish is this! the one night i cannot join them, they go and have such immense fun.


bummer me left right center upside down.

i'm going to wallow in self pity now.

leave me be.

goodbye, cruel world!


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