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Tuesday, August 23, 2005


last week, my thighs hurt. this week, my lower back hurts. wtf. and i have a major ass sore throat/cough/flu. bummer me.

i think all this clubbing is starting to get to me in my "old age". ack.

my usually sedate, chill-at-coffeeshop, non-clubbing friends have suddenly morphed into a bunch of clubbing crazy, alcohol guzzling, female lusting fiends.

how scary. what is this world coming to?! must be something weird and strange in the air around singapore these days.

i cannot decide if i should be amused at their crazy antics, or be appalled at their, er, "crazy" antics. heh.

ah well, at least we can all finally go dancing and drinking together, instead of bumming our nights away at our friendly neighbourhood coffeeshop.

i wonder how long this "clubbing fanatical" phase will last. hmm.

we hit CAFE IGUANA at riverside point for mexican food and margaritas. the bill came up to a staggering $250 for 12 peoples. considering that some of us didn't eat, and some didn't indulge in alcohol, it was kinda expensive, especially for a cheapass like me. thank god for good old mcdonalds and cheap fast food. heh. but there was SO MUCH FOOD! goodness.


across the river we proceeded, to CRAZY ELEPHANT for beer and the band.

wayne's new love interest

i popped over to MOX at tanjong pagar to catch eugene stroll the catwalk for his fashion show. well, at least the intention was to watch. eventually, ended up catching only the very last "stroll" - the underwear portion. oops.

free jug of vodka redbull procurred for me by eugene was killer strong. i nearly fainted when i took my first sip. phwoar. but i like. heh.



i don't particularly like MOX. the place itself is really nice. great decor, great atmosphere. but the PEOPLE. another story. y'see, MOX is a kinda "alternative lifestyle" joint, if you get my drift.

i have nothing against "alternatives". on the contrary. i think they're pretty much great people.

i just feel damn uncomfortable (and a lil bit pissed off) that i was surrounded by absolutely gorgeous male specimens, but they were all UNTOUCHABLE and UNATTAINABLE! argh! utterly devastating, i tell you. so sad. sigh.

dancing at LIQUIDROOM thereafter left me extremely hot and sticky. and so many people! ack. pushpushshoveshove. bumpbumpgrindgrind. twisttwistwigglewiggle. hothothot!





spastic-ism rules!


tsk. such a "player", this boy. tsk.

and the hullaballoo after clubbing is always such a pain. everyone sits around, talking, waiting, trying to make further plans, cannot decide, getting cranky, frustration, tiredness. ugh. i just don't get why people can't simply decide "what next" and then just get up and go. and just get a phone number if you wanna talk somemore lah! sheesh. drunken people. pfft.

when all else fails and you have nothing to do, take peekture!

wasted trip to INDOCHINE at wisma (bah) which led to supper at NEWTON, and i finally got to sleep at 7+ in the morning after spending some time with the DOOFUS.

bloody hell. i need to regulate my damn sleeping hours. ugh.

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