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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

saturday the 13th

fuck. its been 3 days and my thighs still hurt like a bitch. i can't even sit down without feeling the strain.

on the bright side, i think i've developed quite powerful leg muscles. really. i can feel it.

vigorous dancing to hiphop and being on your feet for 4 hours straight is a killer.

damn. i think this may be a sign that i really am getting abit too old for all this clubbing and dancing and general debauchery shite.

woe is me and my aching, creaky, fragile old bones!

whoever says that i do not exercise is obviously deluded and completely wrong, for once - i DO exercise. i DANCE. and lemme tell all youse punks out there, that the question of whether a more strenuous activity than dancing exists in this world.. well, the answer, according to my superior expertise, is HELL NO.

so for all of youse that wanna drop the pounds, go crash some club and wiggle your butt like a lunatic having fits. the harder you jerk about and gyrate, the more calories you burn. oh, and another word of caution, go slow on the beer, fools. it ruins the effort you put into dancing.

stick to the hard liquor. forgo the devil-in-disguise mixers if you can help it, too. do you have any idea how many calories there are in coke/sprite/ribena/etc?! the best solution? just grab shots of tequila/vodka/sambuca/etc. less calories, and so much more efficient in attaining drunken-ness. geddit?


11 of us went for this by-invitation-only shindig - free entry, free food, free booze! awesome! pity about the music though. it was a little too slow and too relaxed. ah well.

IMG_3514-edit IMG_3516-edit
for a party organised by a tattoo joint, the invites were definitely amusing. looks more like invites to a kid's birthday party, don't it? and they used the DISNEY font. how shocking..

pigging out - the food was good, seeing as it was supplied by hard rock. it was the first time i've seen entire burgers set out in a tray, buffet style. hmm.

IMG_3557-edit IMG_3560-edit
we got free tshirts too. how cool is that?! super limited edition and in limited stock. late comers didn't get any though, since they ran out. lesson learnt? always be early to grab the goodie bags. its good shit! heh.

popped down to o bar for awhile, cos the music at hard rock was making me mega sleepy. got happily high, then joined the rest at cocolatte to dance the night away.

the only photo i look reasonably presentable in. the rest all look like shit. bah. sweaty, dishevelled people do not make good photography subjects. *grumble*


little drummer boy genius

if any of you happen to pass by paragon on weekends and spot this adorable little musician playing, do stop and listen.

he's FANTABULOUS to the max! and he's soooooo CUTE!

his name is ethan, and he's only 6 years old, but he bangs those drums like a pro, i swear. he's been playing drums since the age of 2! good lord. what a little genius..

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