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Monday, August 01, 2005


DOOFUS finally admitted that he doesn't really like me going out clubbing without him.

HA! i knew it! i'm such an intuitive genius, i am. *smirk*


it seems like everytime i see josh, he tells me i smell nice.

"hey, what shampoo do you use?"
"i dunno. something that's in my bathroom. why?"
"it smells nice!" *josh displays 2 thumbs up*

"hey, what perfume are you wearing?"
"erm.. gucci.. envy.."
"it smells nice!" *josh displays 2 thumbs up*

josh, josh, josh. you're such a silly boy. and what amazing sense of smell you have! all the better to smell me with? muahaha ;)


i've been so busy lately helping my mum with all the data entry shite.

i've burnt 2 weekends and countless weekday nights already. precious time that i could have spent clubbing, drinking, smoking, bumming, watching tv, watching dvds, reading, sleeping, talking cock, blogging, surfing the net, engaging in horizontal exercises exercising..

and then when i'm done for the day, i'm so freaking brain dead and zoned out and tired and moody and cranky, that i don't feel like doing anything else except vegetate and sleep.

UGH. gimme my life back!

i enjoy spacing out in front of my computer, don't get me wrong. i just detest having to WORK in front of a computer.

and the pay is freaking one-kinda bloody miserable - 15 cents for each entry. rubbish!

even peanuts are worth more. *grumble*

ah well. i shall cease my complaining. as some would say - its better than nothing! yeah yeah yeah. whatever. pfft.

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