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Thursday, August 11, 2005

the QUEEN of C.A.D.aospF

well, i'm finally back.

have been too tired and too lazy and too brain-dead and too busy to post recently.

ah well.

i got my first payment for that data entry slavery i've been helping my mum with.

its CRAP.

$190+ for 1282 names.

do you have ANY idea how tedious it is to type 1282 entries?! its exhausting. its time consuming. its absolutely crap shite.

and at the end of it all, i just wanna chuck my entire computer out the window. i don't even wanna look at the damn monitor anymore. so you can see why i haven't exactly been in the mood to blog. ugh.

still, money is money. i suppose. whatever.

at least the thought of the amount of alcohol and cigarettes i can stuff myself with using this cash cheers me up some. heh.

i have miraculously evolved into a HUMAN SLEEP MACHINE.

yes, i have achieved incredible heights of mutation.

i blame the radiation from the damn computer. all that time spent pounding away at the bloody keyboard, staring into the idiot monitor.. BAH.


i managed to escape from my evil, wicked slave driver mother and the slavery of data entry get out of the house for a bit of long overdue rest and relaxation on national day eve.

ended up club hopping the night away, and i now present you with my EXPERT OPINION - in my capacity as the QUEEN of clubbing and alcohol-ism and debauchery and all other senseless pursuits of fun - on the places i honoured with my graceful presence this wondrous monday night, with a couple of my faithful fawning, completely-in-awe-of-me subjects friends.


i detest momo. it sucks majorly big fat arse. the music sucks. the crowd sucks. the atmosphere sucks.

i will stab myself in the heart with a plastic fork, rather than step foot in that horrendous place, ever again.

just the mere mention of "club momo" is enough to get me frothing at the mouth and turn into a savage, psychotic lunatic.

yes, it is THAT bad.

but hey, you know what, if you choose not to believe me - the QUEEN of clubbing and alcohol-ism and debauchery and all other senseless pursuits of fun - you can jolly well go and find out for yourself.

you might like it. to each his own, after all.

but if you DO end up liking momo, please, do yourself a favour and throw yourself off the nearest building, thanks.

or i may end up stabbing you in the eyes with my trusty plastic fork, for having the brainless audacity and utter stupidity to disagree with me.

my word is LAW. after all, i am THE QUEEN of clubbing and alcohol-ism and debauchery and all other senseless pursuits of fun.


ah, my homeground. sweet, sweet liquidroom. such a wondrous, enchanting, awesome-to-the-power-of-infinity place to behold.

i like liquidroom.

it is small, cosy, and just generally all-round kick ass.

i detest big clubs.

liquid plays good music. liquid has powerful fancy lighting. liquid has a comfortable, cosy atmosphere. liquid has a friendly crowd. liquid has a dance floor for those that wanna boogey in the limelight. liquid has corners for those that prefer to imbibe alcohol and watch the action from the sidelines.

liquidroom is also one of the best places to pick up members of the opposite sex. seriously. trust me on this. i speak from many experiences - my personal brushes and those of my companions.

oh, and also, i have the liquidroom ladies card. HA!

some people find liquid too small, or too noisy, or too whatever.

i say, its precisely because of its relative tiny-ness, as compared to bigger dance clubs, that gives liquidroom that extra edge.

i love the cosiness of it all. it rocks my ding dongs. heh. besides, liquidroom is one of the few clubs that play decent trance music.

those of you that don't agree with me, once again, i must warn you that my plastic fork has been skillfuly sharpened. i am also quite adept in shoving my plastic fork into various body parts.

that said, liquid on monday night wasn't the normal fantabulous scene, especially not for a SLINKY gig. music was abit off, though still good, and still loads much better than some of the crap they spin at other places.


another small, cosy place that quite appeals to me.

a word of caution though - do NOT attempt the second floor, which is the dance floor area, if you are claustrophobic.

in fact, do NOT even think of venturing upstairs if you have crowd-o-phobia, people-o-phobia, heat-o-phobia, jampackedalltogether-o-phobia.

it was madness. so many people, all squashed together in some a tiny area. and we were all dripping with perspiration after barely 15min of dancing. stifling heat.

but good fun. pretty alright crowd. good music, especially if you're into grinding to r&b and hiphop and the like.

oh, another word of caution - do NOT even ENTERTAIN the thought of heading to cocolatte, especially on a weekend night, if you have an aversion to young teenage kids.

the place was swarming with them. itty bitty lil things, running around, getting drunk, bobbing up and down..

yes. the QUEEN of clubbing and alcohol-ism and debauchery and all other senseless pursuits of fun has spoken.

and now, back to my life of slavery.

ah, the perils of doing battle with those blasted data entry excel files. i am off to wage war, once again!


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