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Friday, August 26, 2005

my newest pet

meet the newest addition to my humungous stable of furry lil animals!



his name is SMOOSH, and he's a beanie lion.

i love beanies! soft toys should all come with beans in their asses. it makes them so much nicer to play with, doncha think? not like those all-stuffing-and-no-beans wussy toys. the worst are those that don't even have proper "fur" coats. its just plain silly, methinks.


my precious lil SMOOSH is a present from DOOFUS. we were out one night, trying to get mayonnaise to make egg mayo sandwiches, but try as we might, we just couldn't find any mayo! we tried petrol stations, 7-11s, and cheers - NO MAYO.

goddamn it all! why is mayo so bloody hard to find?! the only thing harder to find than mayo, is ribena syrup in bottles. what is up with that?! utter stupidity.

so DOOFUS popped into cheers, and couldn't find mayo, but found SMOOSH instead. the silliest part was he tried to hide it from me by sticking it in his shirt, but i saw him. oops.

but being the wonderful person i am, of course i kept my mouth shut and pretended to know nothing, and i acted all suprised when DOOFUS finally produced SMOOSH. heh.

DOOFUS is such a sweetheart. a sweetheart that pisses me off a helluva lot, but still a sweetheart.

i have also learnt an important lesson from this episode - NEVER LET DOOFUS PICK NAMES!

he's terrible! SMOOSH got his name because DOOFUS was "smooshing" (akin to spreading) tuna on bread to make sandwiches at the time of name picking. and then the next morning, DOOFUS complains that SMOOSH is too cutesy a name, and wants to rename my lil lion. ack.

sigh. DOOFUS is a doofus.

but i think we'll just stick with SMOOSH, eh? horrified as i was originally, i must say the name kinda grows on you after awhile. after all, it IS a cute name, and its way more original than "teddy" or "fido" or "lion" or whatever.

SMOOSH is such a cute lil thing, isn't he? awwwwwwww..

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