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Monday, July 25, 2005

shoe meme

i got tagged by jaywalk to do the newest meme thats floating around cyberspace.

because i'm bored, and because doing this meme gives me a reason to get off my lazy fat arse and pack my shoes, and because jaywalk bribed me (haha!) - i present THE SHOE MEME!

shoes!Total Number of Shoes you own:

1 - slippers - in office
2 - slippers - outside house
1 - slippers - DOOFUS place

12 - flat slippers/sandals
6 - sandals with slight heels
9 - heels/wedges
1 - sneakers

32 pairs

holy crap! i never knew i had that many shoes! and to think, i just threw out about another 20 pairs recently. madness!

and yes, as you can see, i don't like covered shoes (or as my mother calls them - proper shoes) my toes need to BREATHE! heh.

The last shoe you bought:

a black pair of wedges/heels from some no-name shop in KL last year.

pink toes
just for fun - my toes with cool hot pink nail polish!

i know i have weird looking feet/toes. just shut up already, ok? *grumble*

fake-o slippersHow many shoes do you have underneath your work desk:

1 pair of blue FAKE coca-cola slippers

that i've never worn, because my office cannot wear shoe inside.

and the floor is not carpeted somemore! damn bloody cold. rubbish. bah.

you see! the slippers still got the tag, ok..

Five people to whom I'm passing this baton:

EVERYONE THAT READS THIS POST! ha! easy way out. no need to name people. heh. no lah. whoever wants to do, go ahead. no obligations!

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