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Friday, July 15, 2005

i see... familiar faces

i popped down to o bar last night for a quick drink. bumped into gene, who was in the queue for double o. hmm.

then, i was outside talking to geraldine when i caught sight of 2 familiar faces.

now, the problem with me is that sometimes, my brain slugs go off duty (especially when there's alcohol in the vicinity.) and my memory don't work so good. so, i end up seeing familiar faces, but i simply cannot place where i've seen those faces before!

another variation of this horrible affliction is that i may remember your face, where i've seen you, but for the life of me, cannot recall your name.

yet another variation, which occurs frequently when i'm drunk outta my skull, is that all memory of you ever crossing my path (even if i've been formally introduced to you and even spent an hour talking to you or something along those lines.) is non existent.

tsk. the damage alcohol perpetrates on one's brain cells. tsk.

anyhow, there i was, standing there, stealing glances at these 2 familiar faces. brain working furiously, trying to place them.

took me some time (alcohol is baaaaad for brain.) and many furtive looks, but eventually, something finally clicked.

lo and behold - it was sandra and big fuck!

ahhh. so THAT'S why they were so familiar.

i went up to say hi to sandra, and also to confirm that it was indeed her.

she's really friendly, down to earth, and very sweet, with a warm personality. she struck me as someone who's confident, yet not arrogant.

had a short chat with her about blogs and stuff. she's got a pretty good head screwed on her shoulders, comes across as being intelligent.

and yes, she's a looker too. heh.

we share some similar views, so it was nice. she asked for my blog addy, and when i told her, i was suprised when she recognised my url and remarked "oh, you linked me!". heh.

i didn't really get the chance to talk to big fuck though. oops.

so, sandra, if you happen to read this -

it was really nice meeting you! i hope i didn't shock you too much initially. see you at the blog con :)


- UPDATE (6.50pm) -

ok. just received news from sandra that the other bloggers there last night, besides her and big fuck, were :

makanguru , ruok , tripleperiod , and ping

phwoar! so many people! power! heh.

so sorry if i came across as being dao or whatever, and for not saying hi. i'm actually quite blur, lah. haha.

and i honestly didn't know who was who! i never see pictures before, mah! also, alcohol dulls my senses. haha.

oops. my apologies.

and a big, belated HI!! to everyone that was there. hopefully, i'll catch y'all at the blog con! :)


- UPDATE (7.30pm - 17 July) -

seems like ah 9 was present too!

a big, belated HI!! to you too, ah 9! :)

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