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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

funny videos (yes, i have too much free time today)

white guy dance

all-in-one instructional video for all you dancing-handicapped people out there. but i warn you first.

anyone dances like that in front of me when we're in a club, imma gonna slap you silly (after i pick myself up from the floor where i am lying because i fell down from laughing my freaking ass off.) muahahaha!

japanese talent show

dudes.. this is some kinda freaky "ability", man.. its a skill. it truly is. heh.

*boing boing boing*

i have no idea what the chick in this video is tryin to do, or what the advertisement's tryin to sell (i think its, er, chocolates?!).. but if you just wanna see a pair of japanese bouncin titties, this is for you.

--- via BORE ME ---


if any of you haven't already been introduced to triumph the insult comic dog from late night with conan o brien..

you deserve to be shot and hung up by your little toes with your ding dongs used as punching bags.

this puppet is the top dog, literally.

unfortunately, i tried linking to the videos, but somehow it just doesn't seem to bloody work.


so, you're all gonna have to do this MANUALLY - one click at a time. too bad. ah well, exercise those pudgy fingers. NOW! heh.

1) go to NBC's homepage

2) click on the small box (below the nbc logo. top left of screen.) that says "find your favourites - select a show"

3) yellow box appears in the middle of the page

4) search for "late night" and then "late night / conan" and click

5) on the left side of your screen, all those yellow and blue links - click on the one that says "triumph" under "highlights"

6) enjoy the videos

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