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Thursday, July 28, 2005

feel.. like.. s-h-i-t-e

adrian / faith / gerald / KM :

i'm sorry for the delay in getting the photos to you guys.

i actually created a ZIP file of the full set of photos last night, but the damn file is still so freaking huge that my gmail keeps timing out when i tried to email it. gah!

i'll get it done tonight, once i get home from work and manage to break down the file into smaller portions.

alternatively, the full set of pics is online - in my yahoo photo album (link's in the sidebar) so you can go check it out there first.


i am so goddamned tired and zoned out that i :

a) poked myself in the eye while trying to scratch the bridge of my nose

b) banged my toes against the wall while trying to slip on my sandals

c) almost fell off the chair when i tried to sit down, missed the seat and the chair went spiralling across the office

d) went to the toilet to sneak a cigarette and actually fell asleep while smoking

e) cursed loudly at the photocopy machine because i thought it was screwing up when i tried to make copies of documents and i kept getting blank printouts - when the real problem was that i had forgotten to actually insert the documents in the first place

and to make things worse, when i get home tonight after work, i still have to slog away doing some data entry for my mother.

i badly need sleep. i'm seriously surving on cigarettes and coca-cola.

coffee is no good. once the coffee-high wears off, i feel even more tired than before.

i'm going to bang myself against the wall and hope i faint so that i can get sent home which will allow me to get a bit of sleep before my slave driver mother comes home from work and starts cracking her whip at me in demand that i complete the data entry.

god, please let me survive today..

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