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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

excerpts from DOOFUS #1

we were watching tv last night. while channel surfing, we landed at vasantham central, the tamil language channel.

DOOFUS starts commenting on the length of the name "vasantham central".

"why can't they name it something else? something shorter?

name lah - BLACK POWER or something.


then, DOOFUS starts commenting on the "vasantham central" logo at the top right corner of the screen.

"see, the name so long! you know how much ink they need to waste for that or not?

put lah.. shortform - VC.. aka Viet Cong.."

aiyoh! the things that go on in his mind, i tell you.. *shakes head*

DOOFUS cracks me up. but only when he's not pissing me off. heh.


DISCLAIMER : DOOFUS speaks in jest. please don't berate me for racial discrimination or whatever and so on, so forth.

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