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Thursday, July 21, 2005

cyber terrorism?

i found out today that xiaxue and anna's blogs got hacked into. the word is that all xiaxue's blogs and entries were erased, and her gmail account also got hacked, and all her emails erased.

as far as i know, anna's blog is back up now, although it was offline for awhile. and earlier today, when i first surfed over, there was a "message" from the hacker, in the form of a blog post.

not liking someone is one thing.
not agreeing with someone is one thing.

being outright malicious is another completely different issue altogether.

no matter what it is - whatever you may think he or she deserves - doing something like this is just going too far.

its just wrong.

imagine if someone did the same thing to you. erased all your memories. deleted important information you kept in your email account. burnt your diary. eradicated all the effort you put into something over a span of years.

cannot fathom how it feels like?

ok. then how about - the feeling you get when your computer crashes and your hard drive is erased?

did i hear vulgarities and cursing and swearing and death threats and frustration and anger and sadness? do i spot a few tears at the loss of precious files and data?

yup. you got that right.

maybe hacking into blogs and emails and deleting everything isn't as bad as crashing your entire PC. but then again, its all subjective, isn't it?

one person may think that its no big deal. but for the people involved, it may be the biggest deal - because of what their blog and their emails contain. because of the time and effort they spent. because of the sheer helplessness of the situation.

ah well. i shall not go on any further. suffice to say, i feel their pain and i hope they manage to get back on their feet.


i was so freaked out that i went into a password changing frenzy.

even though i'm not even remotely high profile or famous - but be kiasu/kaisi abit, just in case (touch wood!)

logged into my blogger account, my msn account, my gmail account, my yahoo mail account, even my neopets account!

changed all the passwords.

now, i just hope i can remember the new password.


having a brain like a sieve, in conjuction with selective memory, is such a pain in the arse.

i have good memory. its just selective. and it works best on retaining useless information. and it likes to go on self-declared holiday every once in awhile.

KNN. rubbish brain.

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