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Sunday, July 17, 2005

blog-con at DXO + trance at ONYX

so i went to the BLOG CON yesterday. arrived at DXO at 6pm, in time to catch a lil bit of the belly dancing.

..... met a couple of people ..... went for dinner at marina square (where i was grossed out by the choice of dinner conversation - human meat, cannabalism - ugh!) ..... headed back to DXO for free flow drinks (which were not even remotely alcoholic - more like "ribena extra strong, extra sweet, vodka just a drop". but hey, its free! i shouldn't complain. but no beer?! no tequila?! wtf?!) ..... met more people ..... chit chat ..... talk cock ..... see fireworks (we had the BEST view in the house, man! awesome!) .....

overall, it was actually pretty fun. at least, it was better than what i expected.


thanks so much for the good conversation, the laughs, and making me feel at ease! i'm sorry if i scared anyone by being very loud, crude, or whatever. but no choice lah. i'm a convent girl and i'm also damn "chor lor". bwahaha!

you're all such nice people. it was a pleasure to meet y'all. :)


those that i met :


Image hosted by Image hosted by Image hosted by Image hosted by

(thanks to SHEENA for the pics!)

those that i saw but didn't get to speak to / meet:

AGAGOOGA ; MR MIYAGI ; MR BROWN ; POPAGANDHI (who really is hothothot!) ; SPG (who posed for a topless photo with kenny sia in the VIP room and made adrian a very happy camper. heh.) ; XIAXUE ; SANDRA (who i spotted during the bellydance segment, but when i turned back she was gone. didn't see her again at night, so i didn't get a chance to say hi again. bummer.) ; SCARLETT TING ; SASSYJAN ; KENNY SIA (who was, er, bigger than i expected. heh.) ; SILLYCELLY (who looked so sporty!)

i think i also spotted MAKANGURU and RUOK a few times, but everytime i looked again, they had disappeared! so i cannot go and say hi also. not my fault, hor! oops.

those that i heard were there but didn't get to meet :

BARFFIE ; DARTH SID (who gave hejin a rose! awww, so sweet! heh.) ; HEJIN ; and of course, the ever elusive invisible man, COWBOY CALEB, among many others.


left DXO around 10-plus (no more free flow already. heh.) and headed to ONYX for this :

Image hosted by

had to WALK all the way from DXO at esplanade to ONYX at fullerton. i nearly fainted. i'm so bloody unfit. bah.

but thanks to adrian and gerald for kindly walking with me halfway, and for showing me the way. i'm damn blur. i was so afraid i'd get lost! so useless, right?!

many many peoples at ONYX - luke, richie, boy, greg, fee, nise, ryan, sukh, joe, kash, and a whole bunch of kids that i've-seen-or-spoken-to-but-i'm-sorry-i-didn't-get-your-names-oops-my-bad.

we went in around 11.30pm (after i had to wait half an hour for them to arrive. bah.), got our free-entry-before-midnight-with-flyer and our 1-for-1 drinks-from-11pm-till-12am, bopped a little to the awesome music..

Image hosted by
me and fee - the ultimate bouncing bundle of joyfulness and energy and love and laughs -
they should make this girl SINGAPORE'S AMBASSADOR FOR CLUBBING, i tell you. she was screaming and jumping around and having the time of her life. she's so adorable! haha.

but i was feeling so damn tired that i couldn't take it no more and decided to head for home at 1am, before KYAU vs ALBERT even come on. sigh.

i think i'm seriously getting old. no stamina already.

now i know why i always go out from 10pm onwards only. because if i go out in the evenings, i'm bloody drop-dead-tired by midnight. bummer.

or maybe it was just the weather, or maybe it was the so-relaxed-and-laid-back-atmosphere-and-music-at-DXO-rooftop-terrace-until-i-damn-sleepy-and-too-relaxed-already. whatever.

but seriously, for all you trance addicts out there who weren't there at ONYX last night - you should have been there!

for the hour or so that i was there, it was kickass awesome, and i hear it only got better and better after i left. bummer me.

hmm. i heard MINISTRY OF SOUND at suntec was pretty awesome too. maybe i should have popped by. after all, nigel offered me free entry, with a couple of free drinks too.

ah well. i'm old already, y'know. my bones creak, and i find it harder and harder to ignore when my bed calls. heh.

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