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Monday, June 06, 2005

United Nations of Tattoos

i don't know how come, but suddenly it seems like tattoos are popping up everywhere!

like, i realised that quite a few of my friends have tattoos. and those that didn't have, are jumping onto the body-art-wagon.

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SCOTT's tattoo - he originally got just the capricorn sign in the middle, then he extended it by adding the wings

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my best friend, BRANDON's tat (right arm) he's had it for awhile too. but the colour never fade at all. nice, yes?

but i am still the coolest. becos i have had tattoos for damn bloody long already. and all these people are copying me. becos they wanna be just, like, ME (for your information, i didn't say this. i quote wayne. bwahahaha!) wah lau. damn bloody thick skinned. but its alright. becos it's the truth! ha!

got my first tattoo at the tender age of, er, 18? i had been thinkin about gettin myself inked for the longest time - ever since i was in secondary school.

but, becos i am such a clever, sensible, rational, cool person - i decided to consider all the consequences and implications thoroughly before takin the ultimate step. which resulted in me puttin of gettin inked till i turned 18.

i still remember that first time. that first experience.

i went with a good friend of mine, T. in the days leading up to that fateful day, the two of us were busy deciding what kind of tattoos we wanted to get. T - the more creative and design-gifted of the two of us - had actually designed a few kickass designs.

however, on that day itself, the designs went missing. so we opted for one of the patterns lifted from the numerous books they had on display. T suggested altering it slightly, and me, being "anything", agreed.

we went to the nearby pub to get ourselves shitfaced drunk grab a quick drink to calm our nerves before the deed.

i remember i even brought my mug of beer over to the tattoo parlour and i was happily getting drunk chugging down my beer while watching T get inked.

soon, T's was over - it was my turn.

suprisingly, it was one of the best feelings i have ever experienced in my entire life. it didn't hurt at all (or maybe i was just too bloody drunk to feel anything) in fact, it was a damn "shiok" feeling. like a mini orgasm. and it only took 15 min! (or should i say it lasted a mind blowing 15 min.. heh.)

the end result? matching tattoos on T and my right shoulderblades.

Image hosted by
look like LTA logo or not? dammit. LTA should sponsor me free transport for the rest of my life, man. i'm a bloody walking advertisement for them!

the only regret i have about this tattoo, is that its too small. and also the fact that when people ask me what the bloody hell its supposed to be / stand for, i dunno what to tell them.

i used to repeat the entire story - how i got it outta a book and how i share the same tat with a friend. nowadays, i just tell them "its a stylised LTA logo." and they shut up. a couple of people give me funny looks, like "what the hell is the LTA logo doing on your body?! are you quite absolutely stark raving mad?!" but i just smile insanely back at them. and they leave me alone. heh.

my second tattoo, i got a few years back. i think it was 2003? i had just got back from bali.

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this is on my lower back, slightly above my ass. its about the size of my palm (which is, er, average sized?) and it gives me the right to say "my biohazard arse". heh.

this one. HURT. quite a bit. especially the closer it got to my ass. took about an hour or so. (but i didn't cry, ok?! nabeh.) i actually quite enjoy pain. and i like to think that i have a slightly higher than normal threshold for pain. i went clubbin immediately after gettin inked, and was dancing as per normal.

i think getting inked is therapeutic. i always feel good after my tats. even gettin pierced is exhilarating. (although i really wouldn't know very well. i've only pierced my ears so far. but i had 11 holes. does that count? i wanna pierce my belly button. but i'm too lazy to take care of it. bah.)

hmm. must be the release of endorphins (is that what its called? i'm too lazy to check up on it lah.) or something liddat.

now, i am itching to get my third tattoo. i've always wanted an egyptian ankh, since ancient egypt and the like fascinate me to death.

a friend of mine actually designed a stylised ankh for me once. but he never got round to passing me the drawing. nabeh. maybe i should go hunt him down look for him.

failing which, i'm quite taken with this design.

Image hosted by
nice or not? i love it!

and i'm probably gonna get it done on my left hip, just above the hip bone. or somewhere around there.

i can't decide, though, if i should :

(a) leave the colour as it is
(b) get a full black tattoo
(c) get the outline, but instead of red, just have some shading

how? what do you guys think? tell me tell me! any suggestions or comments would be plenty helpful. and if you guys have any nice stylo pictures of ankhs, i would definitely appreciate! :)

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