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Thursday, June 02, 2005

the quest for "The Thing" + some extra

today, the best friend called just as i was leaving the office. so off i went to meet him for some shopping (well, more like window shopping or browsing lah).

the best friend was looking for something in particular. something female-oriented, to be specific. this was the quest for "The Thing"!

and since the best friend is male, and i am female, i graciously tagged along and offered my company, my expert knowledge, and my impecable taste. ha!

we visited many different shops within about an hour. we saw many different kinds of "The Thing".

i was made to try on many different "The Thing"s so he could see how it looked (actually, i also itchy backside want to try. heh.) i tried many different styles of "The Thing". some simple, some more elaborate. some very nice, some not so nice. but essentially, they were all the same "The Thing".

i tried and tried and tried so many "The Thing"s, that by the end of our little shopping escapade, i felt something was missing on me because i was not wearing "The Thing" anymore.

and also, trying on so many "The Thing"s and seeing how wonderfully nice "The Thing" looks on me, I ALSO WANT MY OWN "THE THING" LEH!

so, i came home and digged out my very own, but very old "The Thing". which is something like "The Thing" we were shopping for today, but not as nice.

now, i am wearing my own "The Thing" and i'm happy appeased. kinda. sorta.

but i still want a new, wonderfully nice "The Thing"! who wants to buy for me?! huh huh huh?! i saw one that i really really really absolutely love to death. and it looks perfect on me.

can someone please buy me "The Thing"? why no one buy me "The Thing"? i'm so sad. hmph.

oh. what's that? you want to know what exactly "The Thing" is? cannot tell you lah. it's a secret! shhhhh... you try and guess lah! let me see how smart you are. heh heh heh.


in other news, i'm recovering pretty well from my horrible life threatening illness. feeling loads better, but still not 100% yet. thanks to everyone who sent "get well" messages! much appreciated. :)

the good news, is that the fever's gone down considerably. as has the shitty feeling. slowly getting my strength back. plus - i've lost weight! woohoo!

the bad news, is that i think my medicine gives me the, er.. runny shits. and that's a major bummer. not only is it foul tasting, it ends up foul smelling as well. yuck yuck yuck.

ok. you probably didn't need to know that much. oops. classic case of TMI (too much information). haha.

saturday - no alcohol
sunday - no alcohol
monday - no alcohol
tuesday - no alcohol

NA BEH! how to tahan?! i couldn't take it any longer last night, so i dragged myself down to o bar for a quick drink.

ugh. what a shock to my system! the first sip went straight to my brain. so woozy! i abandoned my precious jug of vodka ribena while it was still half full (what a sin! tsk. what the hell possessed me to do that. sigh. it is a SIN to waste ALCOHOL!) and left the club before 2am (much to the shock and amazement of many people. including the o bar staff, who are used to having to chase me out seeing me around all the way till lights come on.)

pathetic! i must recover fast and regain my drinking and dancing prowess! i feel so useless now.. bah.


what a whirlwind of comings and goings!

STEPH has left for the grand old US of A (jersey) for 3 months. she's going back to the camp where she was a counsellor last year to, er, be a counsellor again. have fun, babe! you're so sporty and so "garang" lah, girl. superwoman steph! haha.

STACE is leaving for perth in like, 2 days? 1 day?! and its for good. whole family's already packed up and gone. sigh. why liddat?! hmph. take care of yourself, babe. i'm sorry if i don't manage to catch you before you leave, but i don't wanna pass you my germs before you have to leave! heh. do keep in touch. there's msn and email! we'll miss you :(

HAZE has gone MIA. supposedly, she's gone for a "holiday". but i don't know where to, and i have no idea when she'll be back. so. wherever you are, my dear meimei, please take care. i hope you enjoy yourself. and give me a call when you get back!

FIQUE has already been back a couple of weeks, and is busy working away. but he's leaving again mid july for melbourne for his last semester. hopefully, he'll be back end of the year. but one never knows, especially with someone like him. heh.

KUMAR is back from the UK, but only for a few weeks. 2? 3? i don't know. i don't think even he himself is sure how long he's gonna be staying. but its nice having him here. even if it's just for awhile.

SUE-LYNN, my sister in law and girlfriend to the best friend, is coming back from studying in brisbane for the hols end june. and staying a month. yay! i hope she brings me back a bronzed beach god hunk from brissy. yumyum! *drool* heh.

CLEMENT will be back from perth on the 26th of june (exactly on his birthday. die. must buy present. damn. :p), but only for 2 weeks. oh well. better than nothing. i just hope he actually does make it back this time. unlike chinese new year when he was supposed to fly back but didn't in the end.

hmm. people come. people go. and so the cycle of life keeps spinning. part and parcel, i guess.

but i still hate "goodbye"s.


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