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Thursday, June 30, 2005


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i finally found the time to visit this site, and i have to say..


the postcards are so beautifully decorated. the secrets are so heartfelt and so touching.

some secrets are so dark, desperate.
some secrets are silly, childish.
some secrets are normal.
some secrets are appalling.
some secrets make you laugh.
some secrets make you sad.
some secrets make you angry.
some secrets make you scared.

but the one thing about all these secrets, is that every single one of them is REAL.

its real to the person who holds it.
its real to the people who identify with it.
its real to the people who thought they were alone, but find out that there are others out there who feel the same way.

and that's what makes this site so wonderful.

the fact that people can unburden themselves from the load they have carried.
the fact that people can see they are not alone.
the fact that people can touch others, and be touched.

so, if you have a spare moment today, and if you haven't visited postsecret yet, please do pop over for a visit. it's worth your time. i promise.

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the 2 postcards i chose to display are the ones that i identify with most. there are others, but these 2 really struck a chord hidden deep inside me.

which ones affect you the most?

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