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Sunday, June 26, 2005

i went to church today!


i figure you should be on the plane right now, on the way back from perth. see you back in singapore tomorrow!




good to have you back, SIL. even though its only for a month. we gonna go "lancing lancing"! haha.

oh, and i forgive you for not bringin back my surfer dude from brisbane. next time, just club him over the head and stuff into your suitcase! muahaha!


went to church early this morning with my family for my sister's confirmation. my cousin - jeff - and his girlfriend - cherilyn - came along as well. cherilyn's now my sister's godma. and she's my age! my sister's already 16. hmm.

the archbishop came to celebrate mass and confirm the confirmants. archbishop leh! phwoar. and during sermon, he started talking about the different kinds of catholics.

1) "dispatch" catholics

these are those that become catholics through birth (ie. born into a catholic family and baptised at birth), marriage (marry a catholic and join the faith), blah blah.

2) "supermarket" catholics

these are the "pick and choose" catholics - they only adhere to the catholic practises that suit them and disregard the ones that don't suit their lifestyle, etc.

3) "anchor" catholics

just like how a ship drops anchor in stormy waters to keep itself stable, so these catholics only turn to god when they are in trouble.

4) "catholic" catholics

i don't think i need to expain this. self-explanatory, right?

5) "outstanding" catholics

the best of the lot! hahaha! i quote the archbishop - "wah! should be very good, right? sound so nice!"

but no, it means those that come to church, but then stand outside. thus, "OUT-STANDING".

when i heard the last one, i nearly burst out laughing. its a common joke amongst me and my friends. muahahaha!

guess which type of catholic i am? its damn easy to guess. i give you a hint, ok? there are only 2 so called "acceptable" catholics - type 1 and type 4.

i am NEITHER. i am everything else.

but then again, i'm not baptised. i believe in god, very much. and jesus, and mother mary. and the holy spirit.

when people ask me what religion i am, i say catholic. because to myself, i AM a catholic. even though i don't go to church (except on special occasions and when i'm forced to by my mother.)

i'm not very religious, i guess.

anyway, this is a very long issue to discuss - religion and my beliefs and the catholic faith and the church and blah blah - so i shall leave it for another day and another post.

i'm too tired to go into depth today. its a sunday, dammit! its a day of rest. so imma resting my poor brain. heh.

hmm. suprising i can remember all this, since all i could think about during the 1.5 hour mass was for everything to hurry up and end so i could go home and crawl back into my comfy bed. heh.

so stoned. surviving on 7 hours of sleep since friday. ugh. and too much alcohol! gah!

lack of sleep = not enough time for alcohol to leave body = shitty feeling


there was a buffet thingy after for confirmants and their friends and family. so i ended up staying in church from 9am till almost 12pm. ugh.

came home, ate a burger king lunch, and then knocked out the entire afternoon. yes, i slept practically my entire sunday away. but it was freakin WORTH IT!

sleep is goooood. lazy sundays are goooood.

and now, i am fully awake.
i cannot fall asleep.
which means i'll be up till 3 or 4 in the morning again.
and i have to be at work at 8.30am tomorrow.
which means i have to wake up around 7.30am.
which means i will only have 3 or 4 hours of sleep tonight.
which means i will be suffering from lack of sleep tomorrow.
which means i will be damn tired.
which means i will come home after work and take a nap.
which means i will wake up tomorrow night around 9 or 10 and be fully awake again.

and the cycle shall repeat itself, over and over again. gah! vicious, vicious cycle. evil, it is.

my body clock's screwed up. help!

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