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Friday, June 10, 2005

i am a magic fan, yes i am

the past few days, i have been dreaming of magic tricks and magicians. more specifically, card tricks and david copperfield.

i blame jeramie (or dinesh.. whichever lah). come back from melbourne and show me card tricks and amaze me so much that now i cannot sleep without dreaming of magic. bloody hell!

magic tricks fascinate me. seriously. especially card tricks. and jeramie, he's damn good, i tell you.

my mouth literally dropped open and just hung there. i was speechless. a few times, i even screamed cos i was so bloody shocked.

why am i so easily amused, ah? why am i so easily fascinated, ah? why am i so easily amazed, ah?

cannot tahan. liddat, damn easy to impress me. bloody hell.

the thing that amazes me the most about jeramie and his kickass card tricks, is that he's purely self taught. from watchin videos.

wah piang. liddat also can. i also want to learn! then i can cheat amaze other people. eh, its a skill, ok. next time, when i got no job, i can become MAGICIAN.

magician earn big money, ok? look at david copperfield. and david blaine.

somemore, can attract many many handsome guys by conning amazing them with my super powderful awesome card tricks. eh. david copperfield married claudia schiffer, right?! supermodel, leh! phwoar!


i remember when i was a kid, i had a huge crush on david copperfield. so handsome! those eyes! literally smouldering. and phwoar! his magic. damn power!

Image hosted by
handsome, right?! i like i like! *drool*

Image hosted by
this photo he look like some bollywood star, yes? check out those eyes! can really get lost in them, man. *swoon*

make the statue of liberty disappear, leh! he walked through the bloody great wall of china, dammit! escaped from alcatraz. jumped off niagara falls. escaped from a straight-jacket held by burning ropes above a bed of nails, oh-kay!

i remember watching this last one. it was on tv. i held my breath and nearly burst out in tears as i saw the ropes breaking, one by one. and then, the thing fell down onto the bed of nails. i screamed, the audience gasped. they rushed to open the jacket, and he wasn't inside! he had made it! i think he reappeared somewhere, to the tune of some haunting fanfare music, looking so suave and composed, with those smouldering eyes and that sly smile. i nearly fainted with joy. my heart was thumping like nobody's business. i was completely in awe, i swear! eh. even houdini refused to attempt this stunt, oh-kay. so its really damn bloody awesome.

then. someone (i think it was my mother) spoilt everything for me by announcing to me that the only reason he was such an amazing magician / illusionist, was because he sold his soul to the devil in exchange for his "powers".

"just look at his eyes. so evil!"

so i looked. and a chill went down my spine.

those dark, soulful eyes. once so mesmerising and smouldering, now just shone with evil-ness. the more i stared into those eyes (ok lah. not really stared "into" his eyes. since he was on tv and i could only stare at him when the camera panned to his face. but i caught a few good glimpses of his eyes!) the more they seemed full of evil.

Image hosted by
evil? i dunno. but those eyes have "power", thats for sure. hmm. eh. do you think his eyes seem to be almost red in this photo?

psychological? maybe. probably. i blame my mother (or whoever it was that told me that)

do i believe that these magicians / illusionists really sold their souls to the devil to get so good?

maybe. perhaps. in a way. i guess. the argument does get convincing at some point. especially when you honestly think about the some of the stunts they perform and how freaking unbelievable and impossible they really are.

but it still amazes me. it still fascinates me. devil or no devil. evil or no evil.

so now you know how to impress me. just show me magic tricks. preferably card tricks.

but please, hor. make sure you can actually pull it off first. i want to be flabbergasted. not laugh till i pee my pants when you drop all the cards on the floor. heh.

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