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Wednesday, June 15, 2005


hope you had a good time, brother dear. and i nice girl, so i give you MANY wishes, instead of just ONE (heh. if you don't remember, go see the kids' card)

may all your WISHES come true!



have a great one, girl!

perth isn't home, we're not with you, but our thoughts and wishes can travel great distances. no need air ticket! heh.


sorry for being missing in action lately, guys. have been really busy and kinda stressed / frazzled / irritatable / murderous temperamental.

also, my brain hasn't been working very well in recent times so i don't have brain juice to think coherently.

yeah yeah i know. its always not working properly anyways. but its been particularly wonky lah. brain slugs are zonked out and gone on strike.

i have so bloody much to blog about i don't even know where to start! gah!

be back real soon. toodle-loo!

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