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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

first day of the week, i'm drinking already..

so, last night, a bunch of us met up at tattoo pub at far east plaza for drinks. it was jenita's birthday, and also probably the last time we would have the chance to drink with kumar before he goes back to the UK this thursday.

there we were - me, jaz, kumar, michelle, shawn (who left early), austin, jenita, kristian - chugging beer and telling silly stories about our teenage years, when we all used to be "far east kids"...

it was good fun remembering old times, and laughing about things we used to do - our fearlessness in our youth, silly antics, skeletons in the closets, old relationships, bad experiences..

funny how bad experiences are always one of the funniest, when you look back after years gone by, and you realise how dumb it all was. but of course, at that point of time when it occured, it was living hell.

i have learnt, beyond doubt, that kristian is one helluva funny guy. he would just sit there, telling us these crazy stories, and all of us are cracking up and howling with laughter and shaking with mirth so much that we're crying - and he manages to maintain a straight face - which just makes it even funnier, and we crack up even more. heh.

pity i don't have photos. hmph.

soon, the pub closed and we left, going our seperate ways. me and jaz waited with kristian for his cousin to arrive - alcohol from 7-11, sitting outside burger king.

after, me and jaz headed to devils bar to meet clement, nicholas and alvin for a "sort-of" birthday celebration for clement.

Image hosted by
nicholas & clement - with nicholas trying to prove that he has big hands (so need to find big breasts to fit?! hahaha!)

Image hosted by
me & clement - who looks damn kuai lan. but then, he always looks kuai lan. but he's not so bad. he's a nice guy, really!

Image hosted by
me & alvin - i love my outfit yesterday. a refreshing change from what i normally wear. (and i received many compliments, too! yay! i like! yes, i am a shameless whore. bwahahaha!)

Image hosted by Image hosted by
me & jaz - i love these 2 photos! very nice, right?! heh.

while the 3 boys went to geylang to eat laksa (sure or not?! laksa ONLY ah? heh.) me and jaz went to our usual supper destination - newton.

but i really really really wanted to go to coffee club. because i had a horrible craving for their country pie. *drool* awesome shit, i tell you! and everytime i wanna eat it, something always screws up so i cannot eat it, and it was pissing me off.

so when we got to newton, i was really grouchy and moody and cranky. seriously. i was behaving like a bloody spoilt brat (oops.) and i refused to eat anything.

"i don't want. i only want to eat the country pie from coffee club."

i bitched and whined and complained.. then jaz said he was going to the toilet, but he was gone for a SUPER long time..

and then..

he came back. with my country pie!

he felt so bad that he actually ran to get a cab, went down to coffee club, ordered a country pie, lied to the staff, and rushed back to newton.

jaz : "i don't care how you do it, but i want my country pie NOW! my wife is pregnant and she really wants the country pie!"

staff : "i understand, sir. i know how it feels."

and the poor girl actually ran into the kitchen and produced a country pie, nicely packed, within 5 minutes! phwoar! normally, it takes at least 10 to 15 minutes for food to arrive. and it was damn crowded last night somemore.

so sweet of him right?!

i swear, i was so touched that i was grinning wider than a cheshire cat. and the food tasted absolutely heavenly. divine.

thank you so so much, sweetie! you're an absolute darling!

yup. i went to bed a very happy, very satisfied, very blissful girl indeed. *grin*


supposed to meet clement and all at devils bar today to finish the bottles from last night, but i have contracted a sudden running nose.

BAH! sucky to the max. feel like shit. bloody hell.

out, damn flu, OUT! grrrr.

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