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Thursday, June 30, 2005


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i finally found the time to visit this site, and i have to say..


the postcards are so beautifully decorated. the secrets are so heartfelt and so touching.

some secrets are so dark, desperate.
some secrets are silly, childish.
some secrets are normal.
some secrets are appalling.
some secrets make you laugh.
some secrets make you sad.
some secrets make you angry.
some secrets make you scared.

but the one thing about all these secrets, is that every single one of them is REAL.

its real to the person who holds it.
its real to the people who identify with it.
its real to the people who thought they were alone, but find out that there are others out there who feel the same way.

and that's what makes this site so wonderful.

the fact that people can unburden themselves from the load they have carried.
the fact that people can see they are not alone.
the fact that people can touch others, and be touched.

so, if you have a spare moment today, and if you haven't visited postsecret yet, please do pop over for a visit. it's worth your time. i promise.

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the 2 postcards i chose to display are the ones that i identify with most. there are others, but these 2 really struck a chord hidden deep inside me.

which ones affect you the most?

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

i just realised..

that ryan is actually in that prudential advertisement showing on tv!

y'know, the ad that has the army boys. and the sergeant (or IC or whoever) is asking them "who did it?". then one guy steps forward, and one by one the other guys step forward.

the first guy that steps forward! thats ryan! the camera zoomed in on his face, and i was like "oh my god! ryan!" hahaha.

i've seen that ad so many times, but i've never noticed it before! wah lau. i must be blind. heh.

wait. it IS him, right? or are my eyes playing freaking tricks on me?! does ryan have a twin?! a doppelganger?! argh!

first day of the week, i'm drinking already..

so, last night, a bunch of us met up at tattoo pub at far east plaza for drinks. it was jenita's birthday, and also probably the last time we would have the chance to drink with kumar before he goes back to the UK this thursday.

there we were - me, jaz, kumar, michelle, shawn (who left early), austin, jenita, kristian - chugging beer and telling silly stories about our teenage years, when we all used to be "far east kids"...

it was good fun remembering old times, and laughing about things we used to do - our fearlessness in our youth, silly antics, skeletons in the closets, old relationships, bad experiences..

funny how bad experiences are always one of the funniest, when you look back after years gone by, and you realise how dumb it all was. but of course, at that point of time when it occured, it was living hell.

i have learnt, beyond doubt, that kristian is one helluva funny guy. he would just sit there, telling us these crazy stories, and all of us are cracking up and howling with laughter and shaking with mirth so much that we're crying - and he manages to maintain a straight face - which just makes it even funnier, and we crack up even more. heh.

pity i don't have photos. hmph.

soon, the pub closed and we left, going our seperate ways. me and jaz waited with kristian for his cousin to arrive - alcohol from 7-11, sitting outside burger king.

after, me and jaz headed to devils bar to meet clement, nicholas and alvin for a "sort-of" birthday celebration for clement.

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nicholas & clement - with nicholas trying to prove that he has big hands (so need to find big breasts to fit?! hahaha!)

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me & clement - who looks damn kuai lan. but then, he always looks kuai lan. but he's not so bad. he's a nice guy, really!

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me & alvin - i love my outfit yesterday. a refreshing change from what i normally wear. (and i received many compliments, too! yay! i like! yes, i am a shameless whore. bwahahaha!)

Image hosted by Image hosted by
me & jaz - i love these 2 photos! very nice, right?! heh.

while the 3 boys went to geylang to eat laksa (sure or not?! laksa ONLY ah? heh.) me and jaz went to our usual supper destination - newton.

but i really really really wanted to go to coffee club. because i had a horrible craving for their country pie. *drool* awesome shit, i tell you! and everytime i wanna eat it, something always screws up so i cannot eat it, and it was pissing me off.

so when we got to newton, i was really grouchy and moody and cranky. seriously. i was behaving like a bloody spoilt brat (oops.) and i refused to eat anything.

"i don't want. i only want to eat the country pie from coffee club."

i bitched and whined and complained.. then jaz said he was going to the toilet, but he was gone for a SUPER long time..

and then..

he came back. with my country pie!

he felt so bad that he actually ran to get a cab, went down to coffee club, ordered a country pie, lied to the staff, and rushed back to newton.

jaz : "i don't care how you do it, but i want my country pie NOW! my wife is pregnant and she really wants the country pie!"

staff : "i understand, sir. i know how it feels."

and the poor girl actually ran into the kitchen and produced a country pie, nicely packed, within 5 minutes! phwoar! normally, it takes at least 10 to 15 minutes for food to arrive. and it was damn crowded last night somemore.

so sweet of him right?!

i swear, i was so touched that i was grinning wider than a cheshire cat. and the food tasted absolutely heavenly. divine.

thank you so so much, sweetie! you're an absolute darling!

yup. i went to bed a very happy, very satisfied, very blissful girl indeed. *grin*


supposed to meet clement and all at devils bar today to finish the bottles from last night, but i have contracted a sudden running nose.

BAH! sucky to the max. feel like shit. bloody hell.

out, damn flu, OUT! grrrr.

Sunday, June 26, 2005

i went to church today!


i figure you should be on the plane right now, on the way back from perth. see you back in singapore tomorrow!




good to have you back, SIL. even though its only for a month. we gonna go "lancing lancing"! haha.

oh, and i forgive you for not bringin back my surfer dude from brisbane. next time, just club him over the head and stuff into your suitcase! muahaha!


went to church early this morning with my family for my sister's confirmation. my cousin - jeff - and his girlfriend - cherilyn - came along as well. cherilyn's now my sister's godma. and she's my age! my sister's already 16. hmm.

the archbishop came to celebrate mass and confirm the confirmants. archbishop leh! phwoar. and during sermon, he started talking about the different kinds of catholics.

1) "dispatch" catholics

these are those that become catholics through birth (ie. born into a catholic family and baptised at birth), marriage (marry a catholic and join the faith), blah blah.

2) "supermarket" catholics

these are the "pick and choose" catholics - they only adhere to the catholic practises that suit them and disregard the ones that don't suit their lifestyle, etc.

3) "anchor" catholics

just like how a ship drops anchor in stormy waters to keep itself stable, so these catholics only turn to god when they are in trouble.

4) "catholic" catholics

i don't think i need to expain this. self-explanatory, right?

5) "outstanding" catholics

the best of the lot! hahaha! i quote the archbishop - "wah! should be very good, right? sound so nice!"

but no, it means those that come to church, but then stand outside. thus, "OUT-STANDING".

when i heard the last one, i nearly burst out laughing. its a common joke amongst me and my friends. muahahaha!

guess which type of catholic i am? its damn easy to guess. i give you a hint, ok? there are only 2 so called "acceptable" catholics - type 1 and type 4.

i am NEITHER. i am everything else.

but then again, i'm not baptised. i believe in god, very much. and jesus, and mother mary. and the holy spirit.

when people ask me what religion i am, i say catholic. because to myself, i AM a catholic. even though i don't go to church (except on special occasions and when i'm forced to by my mother.)

i'm not very religious, i guess.

anyway, this is a very long issue to discuss - religion and my beliefs and the catholic faith and the church and blah blah - so i shall leave it for another day and another post.

i'm too tired to go into depth today. its a sunday, dammit! its a day of rest. so imma resting my poor brain. heh.

hmm. suprising i can remember all this, since all i could think about during the 1.5 hour mass was for everything to hurry up and end so i could go home and crawl back into my comfy bed. heh.

so stoned. surviving on 7 hours of sleep since friday. ugh. and too much alcohol! gah!

lack of sleep = not enough time for alcohol to leave body = shitty feeling


there was a buffet thingy after for confirmants and their friends and family. so i ended up staying in church from 9am till almost 12pm. ugh.

came home, ate a burger king lunch, and then knocked out the entire afternoon. yes, i slept practically my entire sunday away. but it was freakin WORTH IT!

sleep is goooood. lazy sundays are goooood.

and now, i am fully awake.
i cannot fall asleep.
which means i'll be up till 3 or 4 in the morning again.
and i have to be at work at 8.30am tomorrow.
which means i have to wake up around 7.30am.
which means i will only have 3 or 4 hours of sleep tonight.
which means i will be suffering from lack of sleep tomorrow.
which means i will be damn tired.
which means i will come home after work and take a nap.
which means i will wake up tomorrow night around 9 or 10 and be fully awake again.

and the cycle shall repeat itself, over and over again. gah! vicious, vicious cycle. evil, it is.

my body clock's screwed up. help!

Saturday, June 25, 2005


to my best friend and brother, have a great day and may ALL your wishes come true!

oh my god. we're a quarter of a century old! basket..


just a quickie. very busy. no time! days need to be longer. nights need to be doubled, at least. sigh. life is crazy. swirling vortex of sheer madness and utter insanity.

on a side note - luke is in KL now. at sepang. watching the japan gt. he got free grandstand tickets. which cost, about, RM400 or so?







bloody hell. why do i have to work today?! nabeh.

bloody hell! he better take pictures of the cars for me to see. if not i'll, er, poke him in the ribs! muahahahaha!

next time next time. i wanna go see cars! i wanna go "vroom vroom"!


Monday, June 20, 2005

father's day + ryan the dog

yesterday was father's day. i bought my daddy a walnut brownie cake from a neighbourhood bakery. cannot afford high class cakes lah. so must make do. eh, its the thought that counts, right?! but it turned out to be quite delicious, so its all good. heh.

my younger sis made a card using our trusty computer, which all 3 of us kids signed, to present to daddy together with the cake.

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1) daddy and the 3 kids - younger bro, younger sis, me.

my brother is damn tall, right? even my sis is tall, for a 16 year old. i used to feel that i'm taller than average, but now i feel like a short-ass. hmph.

oh, and excuse my stoned face. very tired. no make up. lighting not good. camera angle unflattering. FINE LAH! its all excuses lah. i'm U-G-L-Y. bah!

2) daddy and mummy

Image hosted by

daddy with his cake and card - happy fathers day, daddy :)

oh, i also went over to wayne's yesterday afternoon to bum around. we watched "edward scissorhands" again. i like. so touching. and no, i did not cry oh-kay. bloody hell! bleh.

and wayne has been letting his dog, ryan, watch too much porno. tsk. i got groped, licked, sniffed.. and ryan knows his stuff, man. went straight for the breasts, this dog. tsk.

cute dog. but still. WAYNE! stop letting ryan watch those pornos with you!

and yes, at least now you know your dog's not gay. heh.

Saturday, June 18, 2005

warning : star wars overload!

you know you've had too much star wars when :

your good friend, who's going through a bad break up, says :

"i just wonder what happened to the guy i loved so much."

and the first thing that pops into your mind, which you actually reply, is :

"he turned to the dark side. got too obsessed with the material things. got brainwashed by the evil emperor, XXX."


argh! i am such a star wars freak!

my weekend so far

last night was friday. i didn't go out. no clubbing. no dancing. no movie. no chill out session. no coffeeshop session. not even go out walk around my neighbourhood.

BUT. i drank beer. which made me happy.

i was rotting at home.

UNTIL. i got dragged outta my comfortable house around 3am.

watch dvd. drink beer. eat nasi lemak. talk cock.

BUT. i never go clubbing, hor! so its still considered that i DID NOT "go out". correct?!

tonight is saturday. i don't know if i'm going out. i don't know where i should go.

let us consider our options, shall we?


location : KM8 @ tanjong beach, sentosa
attendees : kumar, melvin, zubin, and i dunno who else
entrance fee : $20 before 10pm, $35 after


location : onyx @ fullerton
attendees : the kids (luke, richie, greg, fee, etc etc) + fique + ash + i dunno who else
entrance fee : $18 inclusive 2 drinks


location : my house
attendees : me, myself, and i (and also my kid sister)
entrance fee : free! but NO ALCOHOL

4) NEWTON (unconfirmed)

location : newton
attendees : i dunno
entrance fee : NIL

HOW? i want to go out. but i feel so lazy. and i don't really have the mood, to be honest. also, not much cash available for alcohol expenditure.

THEN. if i go out, which one should i go for?!

BUT! i need to collect ciggies from luke either way.


i don't know lah. i shall just wait and see what happens later tonight. go wherever my impulses take me, yes?



i am happy.

i'm eating my beloved SAMBAL KANGKONG and SAMBAL STINGRAY.

i am a certified sambal kangkong WHORE. i swear to god.

i can finish one entire plate of sambal kangkong with rice by MYSELF at newton circus.

good days, i can eat a medium plate. bad days, i eat at least a small plate.

even my friends know all too well my habit. my insatiable lust and craving for sambal kangkong. when they see me, they know what to order.


Friday, June 17, 2005

i am ashamed to be a human being

what kind of psychotic assholes would hold a bunch of 2 to 6 year old CHILDREN hostage?
what kind of sick, deranged bastards would murder a 2 year old CHILD?
what kind of heartless creatures would shoot a young CHILD in the HEAD?

and all because, according to authorities, the poor innocent boy CRIED TOO MUCH?!

murder is bad enough. but when its murdering innocent children, whose only crime was being in the wrong place at the wrong time, and who was JUST CRYING, for gods sakes!! he was TERRIFIED! of course he's bloody CRYING you fucking assholes!

it crosses so many lines, i don't even know where to begin. what happened to basic human decency? basic morality? has your conscience really been devoured by dogs? have you no fucking brains, no fucking heart at all?

no matter what the world had done to you, no matter what wrongs have been committed against you - what gives you the fucking right to turn on CHILDREN?

they who are the most innocent. they who are the least responsible for whatever the fuck shithole you're in. they who do not know that a human being's natural reaction in times of fear and uncertainty - crying - would bring such grief in the end.

when i think of what the poor boy could have been thinking of during those last few seconds.. when i think of how much trauma those other little children were put through.. when i think of the grief and the anguish of all those parents and families of those kids, especially the loved ones of that 2 year old canadian boy..

my heart literally aches.

i will freely admit that i cried when i think about it. how can anyone who has a heart, who has even the tiniest shred of feelings, the tiniest trace of human decency, not be affected by something as mindless and as cruel as this?

the world has become a sad, sad, terrible place. i am heartbroken, devastated, and completely appalled.

i'm starting to believe that adrian has somehow got the right idea about not having children.

my heart truly goes out to the family of that little 2 year old canadian boy, as well as to everyone whose lives he has touched within his short stay on this earth.

his life has been cruelly wrenched from him, all too soon.

he will never know life, never know the world, never know joy and happiness, as we have had the good fortune to know.

but, at least, this way, he will no longer have to know the pain, the suffering, the sorrow, and the evil and the fucking fucked-up-ness that abounds in the world.

my prayers are with you. may god bless you and keep you.

as for the motherfuckers that did this, i hope all of you fucking burn in hell, a thousand times over.


talking to myself

i'm still feeling very tired, very lethargic, very moody - just generally in a major downer of a funk.

my body is starting to act up. its gone all wonky and screwy.

i'm starting to lose interest in alcohol.
i'm starting to lose energy for going out.
i'm starting to withdraw into my shell.
i'm starting to get cranky and jumpy and irritable.
i'm starting to nitpick.
i'm starting to feel tired all the time - no matter how much i sleep, its never enough.
i get so hungry, but when food is in front of me, i lose my appetite half way and can't finish it. then i get hungry again after awhile. but the same cycle repeats.

what's wrong with me?

i think i'm burning out.

i've been riding on a whirlwind of activity since the start of this year and maybe its time for me to take a break. the reason(s) i embarked on that whirlwind of decadence and excesses has long since ceased to be important to me. the wounds have healed (or so i hope).

but now, i find myself faced with new issues. a whole different set of stuff to deal with.

i have a lot on my mind. a lot to think about. a lot to consider. a lot to ponder.

decisions to make. i need to think long and hard. i need to weigh the good and bad. i need to ask myself questions and force myself to answer truthfully.

but i'm worried. about making the wrong decision. about making a decision on impulse. about making a decision, but not being able to carry it out.

i realise i've been in a philosophical mood recently. is that good or bad, i don't really know.

maybe i just think too much.


i know i deserve so much more. i know it.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005


hope you had a good time, brother dear. and i nice girl, so i give you MANY wishes, instead of just ONE (heh. if you don't remember, go see the kids' card)

may all your WISHES come true!



have a great one, girl!

perth isn't home, we're not with you, but our thoughts and wishes can travel great distances. no need air ticket! heh.


sorry for being missing in action lately, guys. have been really busy and kinda stressed / frazzled / irritatable / murderous temperamental.

also, my brain hasn't been working very well in recent times so i don't have brain juice to think coherently.

yeah yeah i know. its always not working properly anyways. but its been particularly wonky lah. brain slugs are zonked out and gone on strike.

i have so bloody much to blog about i don't even know where to start! gah!

be back real soon. toodle-loo!

Friday, June 10, 2005

i am a magic fan, yes i am

the past few days, i have been dreaming of magic tricks and magicians. more specifically, card tricks and david copperfield.

i blame jeramie (or dinesh.. whichever lah). come back from melbourne and show me card tricks and amaze me so much that now i cannot sleep without dreaming of magic. bloody hell!

magic tricks fascinate me. seriously. especially card tricks. and jeramie, he's damn good, i tell you.

my mouth literally dropped open and just hung there. i was speechless. a few times, i even screamed cos i was so bloody shocked.

why am i so easily amused, ah? why am i so easily fascinated, ah? why am i so easily amazed, ah?

cannot tahan. liddat, damn easy to impress me. bloody hell.

the thing that amazes me the most about jeramie and his kickass card tricks, is that he's purely self taught. from watchin videos.

wah piang. liddat also can. i also want to learn! then i can cheat amaze other people. eh, its a skill, ok. next time, when i got no job, i can become MAGICIAN.

magician earn big money, ok? look at david copperfield. and david blaine.

somemore, can attract many many handsome guys by conning amazing them with my super powderful awesome card tricks. eh. david copperfield married claudia schiffer, right?! supermodel, leh! phwoar!


i remember when i was a kid, i had a huge crush on david copperfield. so handsome! those eyes! literally smouldering. and phwoar! his magic. damn power!

Image hosted by
handsome, right?! i like i like! *drool*

Image hosted by
this photo he look like some bollywood star, yes? check out those eyes! can really get lost in them, man. *swoon*

make the statue of liberty disappear, leh! he walked through the bloody great wall of china, dammit! escaped from alcatraz. jumped off niagara falls. escaped from a straight-jacket held by burning ropes above a bed of nails, oh-kay!

i remember watching this last one. it was on tv. i held my breath and nearly burst out in tears as i saw the ropes breaking, one by one. and then, the thing fell down onto the bed of nails. i screamed, the audience gasped. they rushed to open the jacket, and he wasn't inside! he had made it! i think he reappeared somewhere, to the tune of some haunting fanfare music, looking so suave and composed, with those smouldering eyes and that sly smile. i nearly fainted with joy. my heart was thumping like nobody's business. i was completely in awe, i swear! eh. even houdini refused to attempt this stunt, oh-kay. so its really damn bloody awesome.

then. someone (i think it was my mother) spoilt everything for me by announcing to me that the only reason he was such an amazing magician / illusionist, was because he sold his soul to the devil in exchange for his "powers".

"just look at his eyes. so evil!"

so i looked. and a chill went down my spine.

those dark, soulful eyes. once so mesmerising and smouldering, now just shone with evil-ness. the more i stared into those eyes (ok lah. not really stared "into" his eyes. since he was on tv and i could only stare at him when the camera panned to his face. but i caught a few good glimpses of his eyes!) the more they seemed full of evil.

Image hosted by
evil? i dunno. but those eyes have "power", thats for sure. hmm. eh. do you think his eyes seem to be almost red in this photo?

psychological? maybe. probably. i blame my mother (or whoever it was that told me that)

do i believe that these magicians / illusionists really sold their souls to the devil to get so good?

maybe. perhaps. in a way. i guess. the argument does get convincing at some point. especially when you honestly think about the some of the stunts they perform and how freaking unbelievable and impossible they really are.

but it still amazes me. it still fascinates me. devil or no devil. evil or no evil.

so now you know how to impress me. just show me magic tricks. preferably card tricks.

but please, hor. make sure you can actually pull it off first. i want to be flabbergasted. not laugh till i pee my pants when you drop all the cards on the floor. heh.

Monday, June 06, 2005

United Nations of Tattoos

i don't know how come, but suddenly it seems like tattoos are popping up everywhere!

like, i realised that quite a few of my friends have tattoos. and those that didn't have, are jumping onto the body-art-wagon.

Image hosted by
SCOTT's tattoo - he originally got just the capricorn sign in the middle, then he extended it by adding the wings

Image hosted by
my best friend, BRANDON's tat (right arm) he's had it for awhile too. but the colour never fade at all. nice, yes?

but i am still the coolest. becos i have had tattoos for damn bloody long already. and all these people are copying me. becos they wanna be just, like, ME (for your information, i didn't say this. i quote wayne. bwahahaha!) wah lau. damn bloody thick skinned. but its alright. becos it's the truth! ha!

got my first tattoo at the tender age of, er, 18? i had been thinkin about gettin myself inked for the longest time - ever since i was in secondary school.

but, becos i am such a clever, sensible, rational, cool person - i decided to consider all the consequences and implications thoroughly before takin the ultimate step. which resulted in me puttin of gettin inked till i turned 18.

i still remember that first time. that first experience.

i went with a good friend of mine, T. in the days leading up to that fateful day, the two of us were busy deciding what kind of tattoos we wanted to get. T - the more creative and design-gifted of the two of us - had actually designed a few kickass designs.

however, on that day itself, the designs went missing. so we opted for one of the patterns lifted from the numerous books they had on display. T suggested altering it slightly, and me, being "anything", agreed.

we went to the nearby pub to get ourselves shitfaced drunk grab a quick drink to calm our nerves before the deed.

i remember i even brought my mug of beer over to the tattoo parlour and i was happily getting drunk chugging down my beer while watching T get inked.

soon, T's was over - it was my turn.

suprisingly, it was one of the best feelings i have ever experienced in my entire life. it didn't hurt at all (or maybe i was just too bloody drunk to feel anything) in fact, it was a damn "shiok" feeling. like a mini orgasm. and it only took 15 min! (or should i say it lasted a mind blowing 15 min.. heh.)

the end result? matching tattoos on T and my right shoulderblades.

Image hosted by
look like LTA logo or not? dammit. LTA should sponsor me free transport for the rest of my life, man. i'm a bloody walking advertisement for them!

the only regret i have about this tattoo, is that its too small. and also the fact that when people ask me what the bloody hell its supposed to be / stand for, i dunno what to tell them.

i used to repeat the entire story - how i got it outta a book and how i share the same tat with a friend. nowadays, i just tell them "its a stylised LTA logo." and they shut up. a couple of people give me funny looks, like "what the hell is the LTA logo doing on your body?! are you quite absolutely stark raving mad?!" but i just smile insanely back at them. and they leave me alone. heh.

my second tattoo, i got a few years back. i think it was 2003? i had just got back from bali.

Image hosted by
this is on my lower back, slightly above my ass. its about the size of my palm (which is, er, average sized?) and it gives me the right to say "my biohazard arse". heh.

this one. HURT. quite a bit. especially the closer it got to my ass. took about an hour or so. (but i didn't cry, ok?! nabeh.) i actually quite enjoy pain. and i like to think that i have a slightly higher than normal threshold for pain. i went clubbin immediately after gettin inked, and was dancing as per normal.

i think getting inked is therapeutic. i always feel good after my tats. even gettin pierced is exhilarating. (although i really wouldn't know very well. i've only pierced my ears so far. but i had 11 holes. does that count? i wanna pierce my belly button. but i'm too lazy to take care of it. bah.)

hmm. must be the release of endorphins (is that what its called? i'm too lazy to check up on it lah.) or something liddat.

now, i am itching to get my third tattoo. i've always wanted an egyptian ankh, since ancient egypt and the like fascinate me to death.

a friend of mine actually designed a stylised ankh for me once. but he never got round to passing me the drawing. nabeh. maybe i should go hunt him down look for him.

failing which, i'm quite taken with this design.

Image hosted by
nice or not? i love it!

and i'm probably gonna get it done on my left hip, just above the hip bone. or somewhere around there.

i can't decide, though, if i should :

(a) leave the colour as it is
(b) get a full black tattoo
(c) get the outline, but instead of red, just have some shading

how? what do you guys think? tell me tell me! any suggestions or comments would be plenty helpful. and if you guys have any nice stylo pictures of ankhs, i would definitely appreciate! :)

Sunday, June 05, 2005

The Weekend Of Too Many Photos

yeah, i got a little too trigger happy with my camera over the weekend. oh well. what to do? i'm a cam-whore. heh.

since i'm in a lazy mood (as always. since when am i NOT lazy?!) i shall just let post up as many photos of the weekend as i can.

warning : extremely graphic intensive! may take extremely long to load all photos!! have patience!!

FRIDAY - 3 JUNE 2005

a bunch of us went down to johnny two thumbs at far east cos scott was getting his tattoo and the rest of us wanted to be kaypoh watch. but never mind. i'm saving this for another post.

Image hosted by
shh! do not disturb! pseudo tattoo artist at work!

after tattoos and dinner at burger king, we adjourned (minus scott, who was tired and went home) to peranakan place for the all important friday night activity - BOOZING! muahaha!

somewhere along the way we moved ourselves from the damn bloody hot alfresco place to ice cold beer where there was air-con and a pool table, and yet more BOOZING! heh.

Image hosted by
Image hosted by
beer is gooooood.. beer is our frieeeeend.. bow down to beer!

Image hosted by
this is how they get the drinks from the 1st floor to the 2nd floor at Ice Cold Beer - medieval style! with bucket and brute strength. stylo, man. heh.

Image hosted by
shilton and jenn - wayne's brother and sister in law - damn cool peoples.

Image hosted by
me and jay

Image hosted by
me and jon (aka squirrel aka ah-lon)

Image hosted by
me and jenn

Image hosted by
me and haresh

Image hosted by
me, jon, wayne

Image hosted by
me and the best friend, brandon (aka ah bee)

Image hosted by
the cousins "ng" and me

Image hosted by
me and wayne (aka my ah di)

Image hosted by
the infamous pool-queue-board - someone wrote "Lim Lau Peh" (meaning "Your Father") and our dear jon went to write "is JON" at the bottom. so it reads "Your Father Is Jon". muahahaha!

** full photo album : TATTOOS & BEER - 030605 **


as usual, i slept the entire day away. met up with the hups gang at gardens for dinner / supper, then headed to cafe iguana at riverside point to meet kim, fique, kristian, and ash (and some others but i don't know their names. oops.)

the frozen mango margarita at iguana (they call it the macho frozen or something liddat.) is quite awesome. and its HUGE. and its $30. but after midnight you get 50% off, which means its $15. which means that i only had to pay $7.50 for sharing it with kristian. cheap booze. i like! heh.

trooped down to o bar (where else?! every weekend we always end up there.) turns out it was jeremy's birthday, so alot of people were already there. and jeremy was already drunk / sleeping by the time we got there at 1am (and he slept all the way till they woke him up at 4am to go home. power drunkard. heh.)

newton for supper, where we got FREE FOOD! woot! stingray and kangkong. awesome-ness.

Image hosted by
the drunk / sleepy birthday boy - who was very "poor thing-ly" left in the corner to sleep it off, after puking 3 times.

Image hosted by
boys and girls, see what happens when you get drunk? especially when you get drunk on your birthday and you fall asleep / pass out? thats right. you end up giving BJs. so don't let this happen to you! get drunk and GO HOME! don't fall asleep when your friends are still around!! especially if there's a camera around!

Image hosted by
crazy boy-oes

Image hosted by
crazy boy-oes and one crazy girlie

Image hosted by
me and ash, who's back from melbourne

Image hosted by
me and richie - cam-whore duo (and damn proud of it!)

Image hosted by
kim, richie, me - part 1

Image hosted by
kim, richie, me - part 2

Image hosted by
amanda, richie, ash - awww, so sweet - group hug!

Image hosted by
me and fique (who refuses to look directly at the camera)

Image hosted by
me and kim (sober, for once!)

Image hosted by
me and sukh (who's proving that he has way bigger eyes than me.)

Image hosted by
ah yes. the infamous "up the bum-bum" shot. look how happy richie is at the thought. the guy in white was irritating. 'nuff said.

Image hosted by
this is how you do "the chicken dance"- act like a chicken and peck peck peck!

Image hosted by
the return of "doctor not-so-evil" from "austin flowers". he's also aquired an extra head somewhere along the way. hmm.

Image hosted by
ash gets in touch with his feminine side after a few vodkas

Image hosted by
crazy boy-oes plus one semi-awake, half-drunk birthday boy

** full photo album : O BAR - 040605 **

Thursday, June 02, 2005

the quest for "The Thing" + some extra

today, the best friend called just as i was leaving the office. so off i went to meet him for some shopping (well, more like window shopping or browsing lah).

the best friend was looking for something in particular. something female-oriented, to be specific. this was the quest for "The Thing"!

and since the best friend is male, and i am female, i graciously tagged along and offered my company, my expert knowledge, and my impecable taste. ha!

we visited many different shops within about an hour. we saw many different kinds of "The Thing".

i was made to try on many different "The Thing"s so he could see how it looked (actually, i also itchy backside want to try. heh.) i tried many different styles of "The Thing". some simple, some more elaborate. some very nice, some not so nice. but essentially, they were all the same "The Thing".

i tried and tried and tried so many "The Thing"s, that by the end of our little shopping escapade, i felt something was missing on me because i was not wearing "The Thing" anymore.

and also, trying on so many "The Thing"s and seeing how wonderfully nice "The Thing" looks on me, I ALSO WANT MY OWN "THE THING" LEH!

so, i came home and digged out my very own, but very old "The Thing". which is something like "The Thing" we were shopping for today, but not as nice.

now, i am wearing my own "The Thing" and i'm happy appeased. kinda. sorta.

but i still want a new, wonderfully nice "The Thing"! who wants to buy for me?! huh huh huh?! i saw one that i really really really absolutely love to death. and it looks perfect on me.

can someone please buy me "The Thing"? why no one buy me "The Thing"? i'm so sad. hmph.

oh. what's that? you want to know what exactly "The Thing" is? cannot tell you lah. it's a secret! shhhhh... you try and guess lah! let me see how smart you are. heh heh heh.


in other news, i'm recovering pretty well from my horrible life threatening illness. feeling loads better, but still not 100% yet. thanks to everyone who sent "get well" messages! much appreciated. :)

the good news, is that the fever's gone down considerably. as has the shitty feeling. slowly getting my strength back. plus - i've lost weight! woohoo!

the bad news, is that i think my medicine gives me the, er.. runny shits. and that's a major bummer. not only is it foul tasting, it ends up foul smelling as well. yuck yuck yuck.

ok. you probably didn't need to know that much. oops. classic case of TMI (too much information). haha.

saturday - no alcohol
sunday - no alcohol
monday - no alcohol
tuesday - no alcohol

NA BEH! how to tahan?! i couldn't take it any longer last night, so i dragged myself down to o bar for a quick drink.

ugh. what a shock to my system! the first sip went straight to my brain. so woozy! i abandoned my precious jug of vodka ribena while it was still half full (what a sin! tsk. what the hell possessed me to do that. sigh. it is a SIN to waste ALCOHOL!) and left the club before 2am (much to the shock and amazement of many people. including the o bar staff, who are used to having to chase me out seeing me around all the way till lights come on.)

pathetic! i must recover fast and regain my drinking and dancing prowess! i feel so useless now.. bah.


what a whirlwind of comings and goings!

STEPH has left for the grand old US of A (jersey) for 3 months. she's going back to the camp where she was a counsellor last year to, er, be a counsellor again. have fun, babe! you're so sporty and so "garang" lah, girl. superwoman steph! haha.

STACE is leaving for perth in like, 2 days? 1 day?! and its for good. whole family's already packed up and gone. sigh. why liddat?! hmph. take care of yourself, babe. i'm sorry if i don't manage to catch you before you leave, but i don't wanna pass you my germs before you have to leave! heh. do keep in touch. there's msn and email! we'll miss you :(

HAZE has gone MIA. supposedly, she's gone for a "holiday". but i don't know where to, and i have no idea when she'll be back. so. wherever you are, my dear meimei, please take care. i hope you enjoy yourself. and give me a call when you get back!

FIQUE has already been back a couple of weeks, and is busy working away. but he's leaving again mid july for melbourne for his last semester. hopefully, he'll be back end of the year. but one never knows, especially with someone like him. heh.

KUMAR is back from the UK, but only for a few weeks. 2? 3? i don't know. i don't think even he himself is sure how long he's gonna be staying. but its nice having him here. even if it's just for awhile.

SUE-LYNN, my sister in law and girlfriend to the best friend, is coming back from studying in brisbane for the hols end june. and staying a month. yay! i hope she brings me back a bronzed beach god hunk from brissy. yumyum! *drool* heh.

CLEMENT will be back from perth on the 26th of june (exactly on his birthday. die. must buy present. damn. :p), but only for 2 weeks. oh well. better than nothing. i just hope he actually does make it back this time. unlike chinese new year when he was supposed to fly back but didn't in the end.

hmm. people come. people go. and so the cycle of life keeps spinning. part and parcel, i guess.

but i still hate "goodbye"s.


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