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Friday, May 06, 2005

went to church for ascension mass last night. i completely forgot about it, even though my dad called me while i was at newton on wednesday to remind me. so my initial plan of goin home straight after work and concussin on my comfy bed yesterday was shot to pieces. ugh.

had to drag myself to church and sit through mass. was so cranky i was snappin at everyone and anyone. and then the sermon lasted 25 min. gah! i was thankin god that we could SIT DOWN durin sermon. if not, jia lat to the max.

i kept fallin asleep durin sermon. couldnt tahan. and now my arm has a big bruise on it cos my mum had to elbow me twice to wake me up. the first time was just a slight nudge. the second time was the killer. eh, damn pain ok! she jabbed me so hard i nearly fell over. and it didnt help that i was practically sittin on the edge of the seat, one quarter butt off the side (i was tryin to make myself comfortable lah.) lucky i caught myself in time so i was spared the embarrasment of landin my fat butt on the floor in CHURCH durin sermon. sigh.

on the way back from church, my younger brother drove us home. first time i've experienced his drivin skills since he's gotten his license. i'm jealous. i wanna drive too! my bro is a kick ass driver. i'm so proud of him. the way he takes corners reminds me of luke and jai, except that my bro is smoother. we were swayin all over the place. hahaha! but he's cool. stylo milo!


4.12pm. another hour and then i can go home. i need sleep. i'm in such a major funk. i dont know why. ugh. hurry up and move yo fat ass, time!

y'know what.. i'm just gonna screw it all and leave early. yeah. MY BED AWAITS!

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