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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

star wars : a mother's inspiration

i was tellin my mother just now about my plans to rent the original star wars trilogy this weekend and have a star wars fest. and then she suddenly decides to go all loco and philosophical on me.

"you know ah. you are very kind. you are a very kind person. but you are always kind to the wrong people. you can take a lot. oh, you can take a lot. but the problem is, you take from the wrong people."

she said some other stuff as well, along these lines, but i can't remember now. (i was groggy, havin just woken up from my nap. i was recoverin from a major hangover. she caught me off guard. brain no work.) but this is the basic gist of it.

by "takin a lot", i assume she refers to my lengendary patience and tolerance levels, which, truth be told, are often akin to the zen-like levels exhibited by holy peoples / icons. for example : gandhi, buddha, mother teresa, er.. jesus?

oh. and also my extremely lovin and forgivin nature, which some people may define (not very kindly, but not very wrongly, at that) as bein a stupid SUCKER who lets undeservin jerks and asswads walk all over me.

my reaction to this "speech"? i just stood there and gaped at her - mouth open, eyebrow raised, too stunned for words.

after awhile, i muttered : "star wars.... i was just tellin you about star wars!"

my mother : "ya. i know. star wars is what inspired me."


someone please tell me how the FARK she can make a connection like that?! star wars inspired your "speech"?! how the bloody hell... ?!

i mean, come on! for pete's sakes! it was totally unprovoked! and she has to throw a zinger like that at me to completely befuddle me and reinforce my opinion that my mother is completely insane not exactly always in the right frame of mind.

hey. where do you think i get it from?! its all in the genes, oh-kay! dudes!

sigh. my mother. the genius. she's so nonsensical sometimes, i swear.

but thats cool. she's major funny. cracks me up at times. of course, this is on occasions when she's not yellin at me for indulgin in my various vices. at times like those, she's just scary. she's damn fierce.

although, some of my friends cannot reconcile the eileen's-crazy-mother-who-is-so-funny-she-makes-me-laugh that they see with the fierce side of her i tell them about. hmm.

wah lau.

madness. madness! bah.

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