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Friday, May 20, 2005

snippets from an msn chat



girls, haven't you had occasions when you start off bein pissed off / hurt / upset / etc with a guy, and you try to point it out to him, BUT somehow or other, he manages to turn everything around so that it becomes your fault instead?


eileen : i'm so hurt
... : eh dont be hurt lar
... : why so sensitive
eileen : becos men are jerks
... : oh here we go again
... : stop categorising me
eileen : i didnt say you, what
eileen : i just said MEN
eileen : you're not man. you're... er... something lah
... : just because you land up with men who dont treat you right do NOT place me into that same category
... : what !!!
... : what am i then
eileen : ahahahahaha
... : if im not man
eileen : hmm... boy? semi female? androgynous? robot? alien?
... : then if im not men WHY would you tell me MEN are jerks , which has no relation to what we were talking about
eileen : it was just a remark
eileen : why so sensitive!
... : so by fact and reference, you WERE refering to ME !!
eileen : was not
... : was too
eileen : was not
... : now im upset
eileen : dont be upset lahhh
... : so you better do that thing i'm asking for
... : and do it RIGHT
eileen : blackmail
... : cos now you OWE me
eileen : dammit!
eileen : why do i ALWAYS end up owing you!!
eileen : its not bloody fair!




sometimes, even though guys can be major dorks / jerks / insensitive pricks / etc, once in awhile, they ARE capable of actual "thought", and they say or do things that actually make sense!

which proves that somewhere hidden deep in the recesses of their heads, once you get past the clutter that equates to "alcohol, girls, soccer (or some other male past time. this portion varies from specimen to specimen), SEX and MORE SEX", there is actually A FUNCTIONING BRAIN!

who would have thought that?! shocking, isn't it?! now if only they would use it more often.


... : well
... : equate this ...if he doesnt earn the love then he's not worthy of it
... : HE here being any guy

... : you complicate things
... : our lives are complicated as they are
... : but you just add more webs to them and tangle yourself in your own thread

eileen : just once. i wish i could fall for someone that was worth it. someone that wouldnt break my heart.
... : you can
eileen : dude. i need to work on my guy radar lahhh
... : if you take things a little slower
... : so that you can suss them out
... : and put them thru lil tests along the way
... : and keep your thoughts to yourself as you go along
... : when people know how you think they can always counter
... : remember that




guys always always ALWAYS will want to have their ego stroked. even if its just by way of a simple "thank you" and showing of appreciation to them. however, in order to portray a casual front, they will often brush off your thanks and gratitude when you first offer it to them.

DO NOT MAKE THE MISTAKE OF LETTIN IT GO AT THAT POINT! (or they will be offended. and we all know that a male with a bruised and offended ego is worse than a spoilt brat that won't stop screamin and cryin until you give him/her whatever he/she wants!)

you must continue to offer up your self, body and soul thanks. this first part is known as the "BAIT". as in they will slowly "put the line out and then draw in for the kill ending"

the "RUB" - guys always want the last word. not content with just "baiting" you and then accepting your thanks, they will instead choose to stroke their ego even further and in the process attempt to stomp all over yours.

i.e. they will turn around and rub your past mistakes / errors / casual comments / etc in your face.


eileen : i will.
eileen : thanks
... : for what? dont be ridiculous lar you
eileen : hahahaha
eileen : no lah.
... : no lah what
... : stop it lar
eileen : just thanks. for everything.
... : i remember someone saying i dont do anything for her
... : if only she sits back and seriously put some thought into it
eileen : fine. i've been proven wrong. once again. bah!
... : but of course


and so ends today's "psycho-analysis of the male specimen based on msn conversations"! how interestin. mmmhmm.



i realise the above post is completely nonsensical and utter rubbish, but MY BRAIN NO WORK PROPERLY.

have had an especially jam packed and tiring day at work today, with no proper food intake and not enough nicotine abuse breaks and the alcohol supply in my blood (that regulates the way insulin does) has run dry due to the fact that i didn't imbibe my required dosage of booze (at least 2-4 mugs daily!) yesterday.

so please to be forgiving me. thanking you, i am.

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