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Monday, May 30, 2005

just shoot me

i am so damn bloody sick i feel like just lying down and letting a big truck roll over me.

trust me. it would hurt less to be steamrolled-ala-cartoon-character than to live with this freakin horrendous illness.


the good news, is that it's probably not dengue fever. although if the fever doesn't break in 3 days, then i'm gonna have to go get re-assessed.


- fever (highest its peaked is 39.4 degrees. was 38.7 degrees at the doc yesterday. down to 38.3 degrees now.)
- cough (which feels like i'm freakin tryin to dislodge my bloody lungs. damn pain. and there's blood. crap shite.)
- flu (thank god my nose isn't running away. yet!)
- chills and cold sweats
- bodyaches
- general "weak" feeling
- headache
- asthma



do you have any idea how difficult it is to be an alcoholic smoke-aholic with a preference for menthol ciggies and beer and vodka when you have freaking ASTHMA?!


menthol - cooling.
beer - cooling.
vodka - cooling.

so too much cooling becomes? asthma attack. na beh.

check out the amount of medication i have to pump into my long suffering reject-of-a-body.

Image hosted by Image hosted by

cough mixture. antibiotic (oval yellow). fever and pain (freaking big-assed twin pink pills). flu (small yellow). asthma (inhaler). phlegm (huge white).

don't seem like much? IT IS, DAMMIT! and the doctor wanted to give me even more, but i threatened to kick him in the balls politely refused.

knn. my blood stream now got more drugs than a damn pharmaceutical factory. knn.

and the worst part. is that the medicine tastes LIKE CRAP. what is wrong with these people ah?! why must they make pills taste so crappy?! no wonder no one likes to take medicine when they're sick lah. even if you're not sick, the taste of the damn pills will make you sick also. why can't they make nice tasting medicine?! then people will enjoy it, and they will be more willing to eat, which translates to more sales for pharmaceutical companies, which means MORE MONEY for their already bulging pockets!

knn. stupid pharmaceutical companies.

the pink pills are horrendous. they get stuck in your throat cos they're so freaking big. and then it dissolves and you must live with that brief moment of excruciating yuckiness of tasting the medicine while you dash to down a glass of water in order to wash it down.

and must go through this process twice cos 2 pills! freaking 4 times a day! wah piang. can die. ugh.

and then, the huge-ass white tablet. must be dissolved in half cup water and then drink.

Image hosted by
i wanted to take a photo of the tablet bubbling and dissolving, but i couldn't capture it clearly enough.

never trust things that bubble like a bloody hot spring in the lowest levels of hell!! (yes, it was really VERY bubbly.)

it tastes worse than shit! (of course, i don't really know what shit tastes like. so this is a theoretical hypothesis. if you wish it to be more realistic, kindly replace "shit" with the foulest thing you've ever had the misfortune to taste.)

the first thing that came to mind was "oh my god! i'm drinking diluted phlegm!" serious.

gross, right?!

piang. i nearly puked my guts out. but cannot. because then all the other medicine i already took will come out also. and that would be wasting all my efforts in forcing them down in the first place. besides. YOU THINK SEE DOCTOR AND TAKE MEDICINE VERY CHEAP ISSIT?! expensive oh-kay! cannot waste!

knn. bloody stupid pharmaceutical companies. make something that tastes like phlegm to cure phlegm. what you think, really fight fire with fire, issit?! dumb.

how is it supposed to make me feel better if it makes me feel like puking my bloody guts out?! please explain to me. i really do not get it.


ok. i'm tired now. enough ranting already. must take a nap to recharge batteries. goodnight, all!

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