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Wednesday, May 18, 2005


Image hosted by Photobucket.comugh.

massive hangover.

feel like absolute shite.

like a steamroller ran over my head and squished my brains.

thousands of little people runnin around in my head, wavin their evil little hammers, bangin away on any and every surface in there they can find.

a couple of the little people have found their way to my stomach, and are runnin rampant, treatin my delicate stomach as a no-gravity zone - bouncin here and there, off the walls, doin somersaults.


have no idea how much beer i consumed last night.

started at 8pm. finished at freakin 5am.

4 pints of hoegarden at balaclava with joy.
1 mug of tiger at party world ktv.
many many bottles of tiger at newton circus with the kids - boy, greg, josh, richie, kevin - to "celebrate" boy's last day and upcomin enlistment into the army.

1 crate? 2 crates? 3 crates?! i think it was about 2+ crates... soooo loco by the end of the night (morning?!) not funny at all.


but hurray for the food, which kept me sober (although just barely..) and prevented me from pukin my guts out from booze overdose.

carrot cake. chilli crab. sambal kangkong. tulang (which i think is disgustin so i refused to touch it.)


head. very. pain. stomach. very. uncomfortable. need. my. bed.


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