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Monday, May 09, 2005

game over


and so it has come to be, after a glorious triumph on the european scene, a humiliatin defeat on the home front.

our hopes have effectively been washed down the toilet, with deafenin loud flushin noises, comin courtesy of our "rivals" and fellow hometown boys - everton.

kudos to the boys from the blue side of liverpool for an amazin season that has culminated in a fourth place finish (my god. i can't even remember WHEN was the last time i've witnessed everton finish in the top four.. was i a soccer fan then? was i even born yet?!) and champions league football with the top guns next season.

we whooped chelsea's ass, but we got our asses ROYALLY SCREWED by arsenal.

ah well - win some, lose some.. aye?

see you all again next season - when we will meet you all on the home scene once more, and hopefully, participate in europe with the champions league (if they let us defend our title, in the event we whoop ac milan's ass - which is highly probable although a tad unbelievable.) and hopefully we shall still be enjoyin the services of a certain stevie g - current captain and resident midfield maestro and all round genius person.

but for now, goodbye and adios to a season that has been plagued by injuries and riddled with suprisingly horrendous form (in england.) but has even so shown great promise in the form of an up and comin team (garcia, alonso, gerrard, cisse, etc etc) that has genuinely proven they have what it takes to rule the premiership once more, once they have been given time to gel. and we have one of the best managers on the scene, in the shape and form of rafael benitez.

we will rule once more, but until then, you'll never walk alone. now let's get ready for istanbul. woot!


EDIT : na beh. i am bein royally "suan-ed" left right center upside down by people, callin me up and rubbin last night's defeat and what it means for liverpool's hopes (gone, smashed, kaput, dead..) in my face. the worst are the arsenal fans.

so, i would just like to say :

OI! enough already hor! i'm heartbroken liao. don't kachiao me anymore lah, please?!

na beh. grrrr. *goes to hide in a corner and cry*

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