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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

"the force is strong with this one"

a couple of quotes from star wars really struck a chord with me today. it hit so close and so true to my current situation and what i'm feelin right now, that it felt like the jedi order were usin the force to relay a message to me.

and the message got to me - sent resonatin echoes throughout my mind and my body. (wah! so "zen"-like..)

"a jedi shall not know anger.
nor hatred.
nor love."


"fear leads to anger.
anger leads to hate.
hate leads to suffering."

therefore, if i abide by the first mantra, then by virtue of the second mantra, i shall not know sufferin. yes?

perfect! just what i need in my life right now! screw all this pain and hurt and sufferin and other crappy shite. imma gonna run away and join the jedi order!

i wanna be a jedi. no need to be a master. i'll be happy just bein a padawan. plus, i get my own lightsaber! how cool is that. i want a purple one. just like master mace windu. freakin awesome!

but, knowin me and my temperaments, and my extremely fragile emotions which i have absolutely zero control over, i would be a sittin duck for the dark side of the force and the evil sith lords to turn.


oh well. lets just attempt to gain the approval of the jedi council first. lightsaber, here i come!!

may the force be with you... always.


P/S : the above are just light hearted ramblins of a psychotic freakazoid havin a bad day. wait. make that a succession of bad days.

if i have offended any star wars fans out there, i sincerely apologize.

i'm a star wars fan myself (and yes, i prefer the original trilogy. and i watched it countless times since i was a wee kiddie.)

blame it on the episode II dvd that i just finished re-watchin. i'm gearin up for episode III. heh.

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