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Monday, May 16, 2005

burn in hell, B-U-R-N!!

Image hosted by Photobucket.comi am majorly pissed off right now.

no outgoin. never mind. bloody hell! no incomin either! wtf. screw you, you blood suckin life drainin money lovin greedy whore of a corporation!

and then.

you ask me out. you ask me to wait for your call. i wait. no call. i get ready. still no call. i call you. you give stupid lame assed excuses about why you didnt call me back. never mind. i give you the benefit of the doubt. i ask you if you still wanna meet up. you say "of course!" but ask me to call you back in 3 min. i do that. you tell me that someone just called and you have to go meet them instead. i explode.

you know i'm havin a bad day. you were the one that wanted to meet me. and then after i drag myself outta bed and spend time and effort gettin ready and waitin for your damn call, you CANCEL. no sorry, no explanation, nothin. plus, you know i'm upset and i needed comfortin. but no, you choose instead to piss me off even further. you just tell me to go and sleep my bad mood and my upset-ness off.

well, screw you too! next time, dont ask me out if its gonna end up like this!

i'm not bein unreasonable.

i hate gettin ready, then havin to take off everythin again 10 min later. you think what? i very free issit?! nothin better to do but play "dress-up-put-make-up-but-all-for-nothin" at 10 o'clock at night issit?!

and i absolutely HATE havin to sit around, waitin for people to call, but they don't call in the end.

it sucks. makes me feel damn pathetic. which i am bloody hell am NOT, alright!! dammit.

yes. there's so much anger and hatred in me.

i'm just a steamin huge life sized container of extremely flammable, highly combustible, dangerously volatile, any-minute-goin-to-erupt-and-blow-up-in-your-face-and-kill-you anger vapour and hate gas.

oh. they're callin for me now. i'm due for simultaneous combustion.

good bye.

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my new meditation mantra.

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