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Friday, April 01, 2005

welcome home, brandon!

picking up the best friend from the airport on tuesday night turned out to be a bigger affair than i thought it would be. but it was hilarious fun!

i was supposed to get there at 7.30pm but as usual, i got there late at 7.45pm (eh, this time not my fault. PIE got huge jam!)

when i arrived, i expected to see val and the kids, maybe scott and trev, and probably bran's mum.

wah. was i wrong. entourage, man.

Image hosted by Photobucket.combran's mum - auntie joyce.
bran's grandma - nanny.
bran's godma - auntie jean.
bran's aunt - auntie kat.
bran's sister - val.
bran's brother - scott.
bran's godson (val's elder boy) - timmy.
bran's nephew (val's younger boy) - ethan.
bran's cousin (auntie kat's daughter) - belinda.
bran's cousin (auntie kat's son) - adam.
bran's friend (scott's bestie) - wayne.
bran's friend - trevor.

and of course, there was me - bran's best friend / sister / friend-of-family.

13 people to pick up one small fella. heh.

and val wanted to embarrass the bee, so she made a huge sign to hold up. it was frickin BIG. she printed out "welcome home bran" - ONE letter on ONE A4 paper and glued it all together.

Image hosted by Image hosted by

when the bee came out, they started chanting his name - "ah bee ah bee ah bee", like he was an idol or something, and askin for his autograph and i think val was hollering "wo men yong yuan zhi chi ni" which means "we will always support you" and is a typical cry you hear from young kids screamin at their idols.

and the bee's face was priceless. it was all so funny and yet so sweet. awwww.

then us friends decided to head to hups for a drink cos the bee said he really missed the place, so off we went, after i made a trip to popeye's to ta-pao chicken and biscuits for my mummy.

poor bran didn't really like brisbane all that much. which i really find extremely hard to understand cos i adore oz. but at least his purpose this trip was just to go see sue, which he did and that part of the holiday he enjoyed immensely. heh.

some highlights of the bee's trip (the bits that i remember in my brain-dead state) :

- seeing APU of KWIK-EE MART from the simpsons in real life

- gettin checked at the brisbane airport on the flight up, where they got him to empty out his bag (so poor thing. the bee's convinced its discrimination of some sort.)

- gettin checked at brisbane airport on the flight back, for explosives (maybe they thought he was a vietnamese gangsta? the bee looks pretty ah beng. hmm.)

- gettin "bullied" by the ozzies

- gettin "ka chiao-ed" by some oz guys in a car on the way back from the 7-11 (they were callin him TOM CRUISE. bwahahaha!)

- makin a trip into town only to find everythin closed cos it was easter

can't remember the rest of the stuff he said. was too tired. bleh.

its good to have you home, bro. i missed ya. :)

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