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Saturday, April 09, 2005

there can only be THAT many signs

y'know how friendster has this new feature - providing joint horoscopes for you and your friends.. check out this one i got for me and a friend today :

Friendster Joint Horoscope for April 9, 2005

You and *xxyy* have smooth sailing ahead.

Don't be surprised if you each have a dream featuring the other now -- dreams where the symbolism isn't at all mysterious. You're prominent in each other's minds just below the surface, and thoughts and feelings are percolating in the most interesting ways -- ways that your conscious mind may not be quite ready for. Your subconscious, on the other hand, says bring it on. Want to help it along? Take a few moments to really relax and concentrate. Your daydreams have a message for you too.

strange. another sign? haha. nah, i figure it's just a helluva freaky coincidence.

coincidence that earlier today, before i chanced on this horoscope thingy, i was out and i saw something that reminded me of this person, and i started thinking about him.

gosh. d'ya think from now on, everytime i see this particular thing, i'm gonna immediately remember him? cannot lah. its everywhere! i'll end up with him in my mind ALL THE TIME. no no no. cannot. will drive myself insane lahh.

"You're prominent in each other's minds just below the surface" - ha! yeah, right. where got time?!

coincidence. thats all. yup. just coincidence. mmhmm.

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