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Saturday, April 30, 2005


its saturday. i'm supposed to be in KL now. but no. i am at HOME. in singapore. bah.

the bee messaged me late last night, informin me that the trip was cancelled cos his friend couldn't make it. boo hoo! no seafood for me! sob sob.

oh well. there's always next time, yes?

didnt have to wake up early this mornin, so i went out in the end last night. was at attica for, like, erm.. 45min?! very crowded. many many ang mohs. no mood to dance dance.

newton by 2.30am, eatin supper and drinkin beer. SO HOT! i cant take this horrible heat, man.. ugh.

and now, i am off to get ready and meet the bestie for dinner and drinks. poor thing lah, that boy. cannot go KL do hair, so must do in singapore, at double the price! heh.

right. off i go. toodles, peeps!


P/S : steph! i'm so sad! i didnt get to go KL! we should plan a trip, yes? before you leave for US. lets go up together and eat seafood!! haha. and i miss you too! hope the exams are comin along fine. will see you real real soon :)

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